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Alternatives to Long Term Van Hire

Many new business owners decide that a long term van hire is the most sensible option when starting out; the short term cost is lower than buying and the person hiring isn’t stuck with the vehicle if things don’t work out. These are the main reasons for and benefits of hiring, but the major downside is that you’re always going to pay a premium for the convenience of it – and this soon becomes a very costly expense!

For those of you who may be looking for a long term van hire alternative (or just an affordable way to finance a van), keep reading to find out more about van leasing and contract hire.


Leasing is a way to finance a van by covering the costs associated with running the vehicle in regular, flexible monthly payments. It’s pretty similar to hiring but there some important differences to be aware of...

The major difference is that leases typically last between 2 and 5 years. Because you agree to keep the vehicle for the duration of the lease, leasing becomes considerably cheaper than long term van hire and the longer you decide to lease a van, the lower your monthly payments will be. Because the rate of depreciation slows as a vehicle ages, we can pass this benefit on to you right from the start.

If you decide to lease a vehicle from us, you’ll be placing an order on a brand new van that will arrive exactly as you want it. It will come straight from the dealership and you’ll be the first customer to put miles on the clock. It won’t have been abused by anyone else and you’ll also be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty (no different to if you bought the vehicle yourself). 

If your business is VAT registered you’ll have the benefit of being able to claim VAT back at the end of each quarter; making leasing all the more appealing!

Contract Hire

Contract hire is another long term van hire alternative that lets you bundle together additional services in to a package to make your life easier. For a fixed monthly payment you can include extra cover, servicing and maintenance so you don’t get any nasty (or costly!) surprises if your van does break down. 

If these options sound good to you, get a quick quote by selecting a vehicle from the drop down list on our home page. When you’ve found a van you can get a more accurate quote that’s tailored to you or complete an online application in 5 minutes.   

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