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Turn your Van into your Most Important Marketing Tool

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Turn your Van into your Most Important Marketing Tool

It is easy to spend huge sums of money on advertising and with all the options available it’s no wonder why; with the radio, tv and all the other digital advertising channels, it’s hard to not want to try a bit of everything to promote your business. Advertising has come a really long way over the past few years, and whilst businesses look for methods that can reach many people, some are restricted by budget and the expert knowledge to effectively compete in some of the more expensive or time consuming methods. One medium that provides the perfect solution is vehicle branding. Vehicle wraps and graphics offer an exceptional form of advertising, and it’s hard to find any real negatives. It’s fairly low cost, travels everywhere with you and can be visible to hundreds of people every day.


Vehicle branding has been around for many years, and generally started by simply adding the trading name of the business and contact details. Any previous limitations no longer exist and as advances in technology along with proven effectiveness of vehicle branding have increased – this growing trend is allowing businesses to use an advertising method that can reach thousands of people, without spending too much money.

What are some of the key benefits?

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The biggest benefit of all – you are advertising anywhere you go and you will easily achieve a high level of brand recognition - particularly important if you are a local business looking to get your name out there. Likewise, if you do lots of driving up and down the country, your advertising will let you showcase your company to a much larger group that you’d ever reach with other methods.




Vehicle branding does involve a fairly significant one off financial outlay, but the investment should quickly be offset by the extra income that your business should generate through increased exposure.




You can have whatever design you want on your vehicle advertising. By choosing a reputable professional company, and with all the amazing printed artwork available today your advert can really stand out from the crowd - or if you’d rather just have your logo and contact details, you can have that too.

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Increased Business


There isn’t necessarily an average return on investment for vehicle wraps, as it depends on what the company offers and where the vehicle is driven, along with the effectiveness of the design itself; however recent surveys suggest that 95 percent of people said that they remembered the graphics and brand identities they saw on vehicle wraps and some companies have been known to grow their business on the day their vehicle was branded, by simply driving home.


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