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Renowned for their dependability, practical load space and powerful engines, Italian brand Fiat have a comprehensive range of commercial vehicles.

  • A host of innovative safety features included as standard throughout Fiat’s van range

  • Fiat commercial vehicles offer some of the lowest C02 emissions in their class

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Fiat Van Leasing

How Do I Get a Fiat Van Lease?

Why not inject a bit of Italian style into your working day with a commercial vehicle from Fiat? Leasing a Fiat van gives you sporty, practical and stylish all rolled into one, which is why the Fiat range has been growing in popularity so much over recent years.

Just because you drive a van it doest mean performance isn't important too. Fiat engines are powerful workhorses renowned for providing solid and reliable performance across the full range. We have all models of Fiat van available on fantastic van leasing, van lease purchase and van contract hire deals.

To get started with a Fiat van lease, please explore the range below and, once you've found the perfect van for your business, click on Quote Me to get a completely tailored online quote.

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Performance and Technology

illustration demonstrating Fiat's Lane Departure Warning System safety feature
Lane Departure Warning System Technology

The Fiat commercial range is equipped with various different engines. The Fiat Doblo comes with the choice between two diesel engines: one is a 1.3 Multijet II 90 HP Euro 5+ with a maximum torque of 200Nm at 1500rpm, a top speed of 98mph and comes with EcoJet technology and the other diesel option is a 1.6 Multijet II 90 HP MTA Euro 5 with a maximum torque of 200Nm at 1500rpm, a top speed of 98mph and Start-Stop Technology. Fiat also produce a petrol option for the Doblo which is a 1.4 16v 95 HP MPI Euro 6. The Fiat Scudo comes with three different choices of engine: the 90 Multijet, the 130 Multijet and a 165 Multijet which comes with a top speed of 106mph with a max torque of 340Nm at 2000 rpm. The Fiat Ducato also comes with three engine choices: the 110 Multijet II Euro 5+, the 130 Multijet II Euro 5+ and the 150 Multijet II Euro 5+ which comes with a top speed of 101 mph and max torque of 350Nm at 1500rpm. Finally the Fiat Fiorino comes with a choice of three engines: the 1.4 8v Euro 5, the 1.3 Multijet 16v 75HP Euro 5 and the 1.3 16v Multijet 95HP Euro 5 which comes with a top speed of 106 mph with a max torque of 200Nm at 1500rpm.Every van in the Fiat range come with the ability to choose between the built in radio system or the CD system with MP3 connectivity. The radio system and the CD player can be controlled buttons on the steering wheel or consol system. Fiat has engineered Traction Plus technology. Traction Plus technology is help you move off in any weather condition, especially on the colder more difficult weather with the simple touch of a button on the dashboard. In addition to this, the Traction plus technology uses the braking motion with surprisingly little grip whilst moving the torque to the wheel with a higher grip. This technology can also activate even during low-speed acceleration. An optional extra for the Fiat range are the parking sensors which are built in to the rear bumper, beep when they detect an obstacle which tempo increases the closer you get and aid you with your parking in those tighter parking spaces!

Safety & Security Features

illustration demonstrating Fiat's Hill Descent Control
Hill Descent Control for added van safety

There is nothing more important than your safety. Fiat has invested a lot of time and money into ensuring your safety is top priority when it comes to your commercial vehicle. One safety feature which comes with the Fiat vans is the dual circuit braking system. This system comes standard with an anti-lock braking system, can include brake servo and 4 discs which are self-ventilated and Hydraulic Brake Assistance which includes electronic brake force distribution. This braking system helps you remain in control at all times, on all surfaces, in all conditions. The Fiat Doblo comes with several safety features to calm any nerves or worries about any journey. One of these features is the 4-sensor Anti-Braking-System with Hydraulic Brake Assist, with an electronic brake force distributor, which ensures total control of your van in any weather by stopping the lock system on the wheels. You can confidently press your brakes suddenly and get a smooth and reduced stopping distance. These features are in various different models throughout the Fiat commercial van range. Another feature that you can have with a Fiat Van is the automatic headlights and windscreen wipers. The headlights can automatically detect when there is a dip in light and turn on to help the driver’s visibility. The windscreen wipers can also detect moisture and automatically turn on to aid your visibility even further. If you need to store items of value either temporarily or all the time, you can rest assured you cargo is protected. Fiat has provided an alarm system which provides duel protections. All of the Fiat Vans comes fully fitted with deadlocks and have a duel system which protects the inside and outside of you vehicle: the inside of your vehicle is protected by using ultrasound sensors which sense any movement within the front passenger section of the van and the outside is protected by sensors which are integrated to the tailgate, doors and bonnet. Safety is a vital part to every vehicle and there many different ways that your vehicle is tested.

What You Actually Get

  • Anti-Lock Braking System

    A driver may apply a braking force that is greater than the tyre's capacity for grip. If this happens, the wheels will lock up causing the vehicle to skid out of control.

    However, with ABS, sensors on each wheel measure their rotational speed and if one or more of the wheels is rotating slower than the others (a condition that will bring the wheel to lock), the system will take action by instructing a reduction in braking on the slower rotating wheels. This allows all four wheels to reach an equilibrium (same rotational speed) before reapplying the brakes again for a swift, short stopping distance.

    demonstrating ABS for safer breaking
    Anti-Locking Breaking System for shorter braking distance
  • CD Player and radio with USB Connectivity

  • Cruise Control

    This is an electronic control designed to assist the driver over long periods of driving on motorway roads. The right foot used to depress the accelerator pedal can cramp up when held at a fixed position over long periods of time. This is when the vehicle can be set at a fix speed without having to use the accelerator pedal, giving freedom to move your feet.

    To set cruise control, simply take your vehicle up to the desired speed and then press the cruise control button to set. The vehicle will now maintain its speed without the use of the accelerator pedal. The override the cruise control, simply apply the brakes. Cruise control on Fiat's can only be activated over 30km/h (approx 20mph) and should never be used in the town.

    activating cruise control on a Fiat vehicle
    Activating Cruise Control on Fiat vehicle
  • Electronic Stability Control

    From 2014, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) will have to be fitted on every new model of vehicle that is released for sale in Europe (no new vehicle will be allowed to be sold without it).

    ESC has supposedly stopped 80% of skidding accidents from even happening and can do this through a variety of monitors that check for various conditions such as ABS sensors to check individual wheel speed and through G-Force sensors that check for roll, pitch, how much throttle and steering angle you have got.

    Any sudden evasive maneuver will result in the deactivation of the throttle to prevent drive and then apply the brakes to the appropriate wheels to pull the car out of the corner (all done automatically). The systems are so good these days that even top heavy commercial vehicles cannot be made to roll over.

    Electronic Stability Control
    Avoid loosing control with ESC
  • Fully Dead Lock Dual Protection Alarm System


  • Hill Descent Control

    Hill Descent Control (HDC) acts as a type of "Cruise Control" that automatically regulates braking and acceleration when descending steep inclines, for total control and safety. The only driver input required is steering and braking at the bottom of the hill.  

    setting Hill Decent Control button
    Setting Hill Descent Control for descending steep inclines
  • Hill Holder

  • Hydraulic Brake Assistance

    Hydraulic Break Assistance (HBA) is integrated into the ABS system allowing for even quicker stopping distance during emergency braking conditions. HBA is designed to recognise the speed and force at which the drive applies on the brake pedal before deciding to take action or not.
    A rapid forceful slam on the brake pedal will kick the HBA into action guaranteeing additional hydraulic pressure on the brake, and with the assistance of ABS, the vehicle will come to a more rapid and safer stop.

  • Load Adaptive Control

    Load Adaptive Control has been designed specifically for light commercial vehicles. It determines the load weight, position of that weight within the vehicle and the vehicle's centre of gravity. Once this is calculated, the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is optimized by taking these factors into consideration. This means that the van is held more securely within the lane around corners and therefore considerably reducing the risk of tipping over.

    van taking a corner too quickly
    Load Adaptive Control With ESC for safer cornering
  • Start-Stop Technology

    Vehicles are at a standstill (idling their engines) for 30% of the time while in the city.

    With start / stop technology, whether at traffic lights or a traffic jam, you are able to shut down your engine, simply by engaging neutral and releasing the clutch (resulting in zero fuel consumption, zero pollution and zero noise). Depressing the clutch enables for instant engine start up, with no noise or vibration, allowing for an immediate takeaway.

    It simply makes no sense to waste fuel and money, so why not save up to 15% overall on fuel and C02 emissions?

    device used for start/stop vehicle technology
    Start / Stop Technology for upto 15% fuel savings
  • Traction Plus Technology

    Traction Plus checks the traction in case of tricky and slippery terrain. The traction is redirected to the wheel with the best grip allowing for a rapid and more controlled takeoff with minimal slip.

    This feature can be a life saver for drivers needing access to rural or country roads wet days.

    illustration demonstrating Traction Plus
    Fiat's Traction Plus Technology for difficult & slippery terrain

Quick Recap

A Fiat van leasing gives total flexibility and reliability. The Fiat range provide a solid vehicle that can get you where you want to be safely and in style. With a growing percentage in the UK market share for commerical vehicles, Fiat are illustrating their constant growing popularity. Fiat van leasing gives you the reliability of this truly iconic Italian manufacturer at a fixed low-cost monthly rate to suit you, delivered straight to your door, free of charge. If you are not sure which package you would like to go for we have plenty of information on contract hire and finance lease. We want everyone to have this level of quality and performance when it comes to their working vehicle, even if you are a new business, we can help. At all of our Fiat lease options are competitive and flexible. If you simply would like someone to talk to and discuss your options with, contact us now and one of our friendly advisors will give you a call.