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Tested in the world’s harshest environments, the Ford Ranger is ready for whatever you have to throw at it.

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Ford Ranger Pickup Leasing

Why Should You Go For The Ford Ranger?

A product of extensive research, development and testing in some of the harshest environments on the planet; the all new Ford Ranger has taken the limelight in its class by winning the International Pick-Up Award 2013. And the Ranger didn't just win, it destroyed the competition with a unanimous decision, receiving more points than the second and third placed vehicles combined! The Ford Ranger is also the first truck ever to receive a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating. All Ford vehicles, whether it be the Ford Transit through to the Ford Connect, have an outstanding performance level and a well earned reputation, the Ford Ranger is no different. You will be left speechless at the sheer power and durability that comes with this vehicle.

The Ford Ranger is the most technologically advanced yet, keeping you safer and more efficient than ever before. The Ranger has also been tested to the extremes. It has been tested in the bitter cold, frost-covered in temperatures at minus 40C at 4500-metre, oxygen-lacking altitudes and the Ranger still started up as easily as if in your driveway. At the opposite end of the scale, the Ranger has been tested in the blistering heat of 50C , towing fully-laden trailers up huge inclines on the rockiest ground. All executed successfully by this truly solid truck. Ford have pushed the boundaries in making the new Ranger, not only is the technology in the Ranger the very latest and best out there, but the whole design of this beloved Pick-up has been improved. The Ranger checks all the boxes: great durability for a business, smart look for an individual, practicality, functionality and it also provides you with a smooth, comfortable drive and car-like interior. Ford has made some of the bench marks in commercial vehicle engineering and we focus on making it affordable to everyone. To lease this vehicle is to use a reliable, trustworthy brand that gets you where you need to be, safely, comfortably and in style. So contact us today or Quote me today for instant prices.

More Reasons To Lease The Ford Ranger?

  • illustration of arrow representing bullet points on Ford Ranger pageFour models to choose from
  • illustration of arrow representing bullet points on Ford Ranger pageFunctional up to 800mm in water immersion
  • illustration of arrow representing bullet points on Ford Ranger page3.5 tonne towing capability
  • illustration of arrow representing bullet points on Ford Ranger page1 tonne payload
  • illustration of arrow representing bullet points on Ford Ranger pageHill Launch Assist
  • illustration of arrow representing bullet points on Ford Ranger pageFirst pickup truck to be awarded 5 Stars by NCAP

Engine, Fuel and Emissions

Ford Ranger payload
Ford Ranger's pulling power on harsh environments

The Ford Ranger has to have an engine that can cope with some of the strenuous terrain and harsh environments that pick-up trucks are required for, Ford have produced exactly that. Ford has engineered a new range of Duratorq Stage V diesel engines that have extra power and torque. That wasn't enough for Ford; to make sure you can easily transport a high payload up various terrains, they have now made this a reality but with outstanding fuel economy and MPG. The 150PS/110kW 2.2 litre 4 cylinder engine can provide up to 375Nm of torque and an impressive fuel economy figure of 36.2mpg (combined cycle). At the same time, the 200PS 3.2 litre TDCi Diesel option provided up to 470Nm of torque. If you go for higher-powered engines, the Ranger's high-powered engine uses a Variable Geometry Turbocharger, this takes control of exactly how much power and torque is being used. It also benefits your start-up and provides outstanding torque when in lower gears. This reduces the amount of emissions you produce and also reduces your fuel consumption. Another addition that you get with this vehicle's engine is that it meets the ruthless European Stage V emission requirements. You can rest assured that you are driving in a safe, environmentally friendly and truly powerful truck that is surefooted in all terrains. There is a lot of information on fuel consumption and emissions for vans in the UK, you can also learn about how the diesel engines are the cleanest to date from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. Ford has also engineered a unique Electrical Energy Management function which provides electric power to the vehicle and includes the generation of electric power (alternator), saves electric energy in the battery and the consumption control.

Ford Ranger's Safety and Security

Ford Ranger hill start assist
Traction Control for complete security & safety

There is nothing more important than your safety. Ford has put this at the forefront of their ingenious engineering. Their vehicles are made to make sure you are protected and also that your property or cargo in safely secured. One of the safety measures for the new Ford Ranger is the Electronic Stability Programme which can detect any changes from the driving path that you have selected and it automatically corrects your line on the road. This makes sure you remain in control whatever the weather. The Electronic Stability Programme makes sure you remain in control, even when descending steep hills, whether it be in reverse or even off road. The Hill-Start-Assist makes sure you do not roll backwards when starting on a hill by continuing the braking pressure whilst you change from the brake to the accelerator. Many people want the Ranger if they have trailers to tow. Ford has provided a Trailer Sway Control to help these people out. The Trailer Sway Control can register when the trailer begins to sway from side to side, it then slows your speed gradually until there is no more swaying and your trailer is back to being stable. The Load Adaptive Control also comes with the Ranger, this uses the Electronic Stability Programme to predict if the vehicle is laden or un-laden by assessing the steering wheel commands, adding to your control with any payload. If the payload you have is for instance, a high one and you are on uneven terrain, the Roll-Over Mitigation can assess the danger level of the conditions and if need be, start up the Electronic Stability Programme to help by controlling the speed, thus regaining stability. In addition to this, the Ford Ranger can intricately control the level of torque given from the engine to the wheels, the vehicle's Traction Control System can give better traction, more accurate driving and stability on the more difficult ground that has for example, loose gravel or ice. If this is not reassuring enough on the safety side of things, the fact that the Ranger is the first pick-up truck to receive a 5-start safety rating, the maximum that can be rewarded, by Euro NCAP, should allow you to drive without a worry. The Ranger has been awarded this maximum star rating due to the various different airbags all around the vehicle and also due to the unique Electronic Stability Programme. Not only are you kept safe with airbags from inside the truck, you are also kept safe with the premium body construction, which redirects the impact of a crash away from the driver or passengers. The braking system has also been scrutinised by Ford's engineers. By combining the Anti-lock Braking System and the Electronic brake-force distribution, this advanced system provides you with truly amazing braking and control. In emergency brake situations this technology takes the limelight and stops you quickly, safely and in any condition. Everybody wants their children to be as safe as possible, in any vehicle, that's why Ford have now made ISOFIX child seat attachments available as standard. This includes tether anchorage, which drastically reduces the chance if a head injury in an accident. Another addition to the security of the Ford Ranger is the Passive Anti-Theft System which renders the engine immobile until your individually coded key is used to start the engine. Therefore, your Ranger can not be stolen, even if a thief gets in to your truck. There is a Thatcham Category 1 alarm system which is now set as standard in the Ranger. This allows the vehicle to set off an alarm sound when it detects forced entry or when the sensors pick up any movement inside the cab. Even if a thief thinks they are being clever and disconnect the vehicle battery, a battery backup alarm system will activate and sound when the alarm is set off because it has its own battery.

Different Models of the Ranger

Ford Ranger Double Cab Model
The Stunningly Beautiful Ford Ranger Double Cab – One Of Four Models

There are four different models to choose from when it comes to the Ford Ranger. The range starts from the XL which comes with an impressive set of standard features, to the bold and sporty Wildtrak. All these models come with the new design, the technological advancements and the 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating. The first in the range is the Ford Ranger XL, this comes with various different features as standard; 16 inch steel wheels, silver-painted front grille, Ford Easy-Fuel capless refuelling system, 6 speed manual transmission, electronic shift-on-the-fly, Electronic Stability Programme with Traction Control and Emergency Brake assist, dimming courtesy lights, radio/CD/MP3, Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm System and Passive Anti-Theft System. The next model up from the Ranger XL is the Ranger XLT. This model comes with everything the XL does which the extra comforts of; 16 inch Alloy wheels, chrome finish front grille, automatic headlights and window wipers, polished stainless steel side steps, heated windscreen, air conditioning, cruise control, Bluetooth hands-free phone with Voice Control System and USB interface and a leather-trimmed steering wheel with remote audio controls. If you wished to upgrade again, the Ford Ranger Limited is available with everything the previous models have with; 17 inch alloy wheels, chrome surround wing grille, chrome finish steel rear step bumper, C-channel tie-down system, mid-light tint on rear windows, coolbox in the centre console, Dual-Zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control air conditioning, 8-way electrically-adjustable heated driver's seat with lumbar support and rear parking distance sensors. Finally, if only the top of the range is what you go for, then the Ford Ranger Wildtrak is for you. The Wildtrak comes with everything the previous three models do with; 18 inch machined alloy wheels, titanium effect front grille, aerodynamic sports bar, body colour front bumper with sports highlighting, rear-view camera, radio/CD/SD-navigation system with 5 inch colour matrix display, the Wildtrak logo on the wing grille, steering wheel, floor mats and seat trim and 'Ice Blue' ambient interior lighting with dimming control. All these models come with optional extras. Whatever it is you need, we can provide.

What You Actually Get

  • Digital Tachograph KITAS prep pack

  • Electronic shift-on-the-fly

    changing from two wheel to 4 wheel drive on the fly with Ford Ranger
    From 2-Wheel to 4-Wheel Drive On The Fly - Ford Ranger
  • Electronic Stability System

  • Emergency Brake Assist

  • Ford Easy-Fuel capless refuelling system

    Ford's Easy Fuel Capless Refuelling System
    Quick Fueling With Ford's Easy Fuel Capless Refuelling System
  • Hill Descent Control

    Simply stick the vehicle in neutral, take your foot off the pedals and engage Hill Descent Control. The Ranger will automatically descend steep declines by independently applying the brakes to each wheel for maximum traction.
    Hill descent control safety feature on Ford Ranger
    Ford Ranger Hill Descent Control Allowing For Controlled Declines
  • ISOFIX child safety seat attachments (Double Cab only)

    Traditionally a child's seat is secured by using the standard seatbelt that comes with your vehicle. However, this can take time to secure in place depending on the child seat design and it is estimated that 80% of the time the seatbelt is not fitted correctly to the child's seat.
    Isofix is a ridged locking system designed to quickly and automatically lock the child's seat in place, this greatly increases the chances of fitting the child's seat properly.

    Image of Isofix's quick fit child seat fixture for added safety
    ISOFIX Secure & Automatic Child Seat Fixture On Ford's Ranger
  • Passive Anti-Theft System

  • Traction Control

    Traction Control works by supplying engine torque to the wheels containing the most grip. As a result, this ensures the Ford Ranger always has the maximum grip and traction for all road conditions.
    activating traction control on Ford Ranger
    Activating Traction Control on Ford Ranger
  • Traffic Sign Recognition

    The Ranger's front mounted camera automatically reads speed limit signs and displays it on the dash. When the vehicle is travelling above the legal limit an alert is given to the driver.

How To Start a Ford Ranger Lease?

The Ford Ranger is a truly remarkable vehicle that is solid and will never let you down. They have been driven by thousands all over the world. There are so many available extras you will feel spoiled for choice. Most importantly we want to make them affordable to you. To lease this Ford pick-up truck gives you the reliability of this truly iconic manufacturer at a fixed low-cost monthly rate to suit you, delivered straight to your door, free of charge. If you are not sure which package you would like to go for we have plenty of information on contract hire and finance lease. We want everybody to have this level of reliability and luxury when it comes to their working vehicle, even if you are a new business we can help. At all of our Ford Leasing options are competitive and flexible. If you simply would like someone to talk to and discuss your options with, contact us now and one of our friendly advisors will give you a call.