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Although the figures for 2022 aren’t out yet, we can take a look at last year’s figures and estimate what the market will likely project for this year.

In 2021 it was a van (and not a car) that was the UK’s best-selling vehicle. That van was the medium-sized Ford Transit Custom, also crowned Van of the Year 2021 by Auto Express.

The backbone of the UK’s economy are small to medium businesses. The van is an integral part of keeping those businesses churning over and thriving. It has a direct correlation to keeping customers happy, which in turn keeps the economy running strong.

So it comes as no surprise these commercial vehicles are in constant demand.


With over 53,000 new Transit Custom registrations for 2021 (a 10% increase from the year before), we can project the figures forward. As a result, there will likely be over 58,300 Transit Customs sales ending in 2022.

Let us take this a step further and look at Ford as a whole (or rather the entire range of models). It does a fantastic job in sales with other models too!

For example, in 2021 Ford made up an impressive 33% of the vans and pickups sold in the UK. When you consider there are at least 13, van manufacturers, on the market today, this paints an impressive picture.

How Exactly Is The Best Selling Van Determined?

Many factors determine what makes a fantastic van for your business needs. Fuel efficiency for low running costs, driver safety features designed to minimize accidents, cab comfort to reduce driver stress, and even cargo volume to maximize transportation of goods.

All these are great factors in determining what makes a good van, but they are subjective. The only way in determining what makes the best-selling van in the UK is by tallying the total number of registrations, in other words, the physical vans that make it on the road.

What About Other Van Manufactures?

Let’s not give Ford all the credit. There are other manufacturers in the commercial vehicle market that do a fantastic job and who are loyal to their customers. Their sales figures are no small feat, and who knows what these figures would have looked like had it not been for the pandemic and a shortage of components such as semiconductors?

So let us take a look at the top 5 worthy van contenders for 2021.

1. Ford Transit Custom – Over 53,000 Registrations

The mid-sized van has continuously gained popularity since 2012. It comes in three body sizes, a choice of engines, and a plug-in hybrid version too!
A good all-rounder with plenty of load capacity and impressive handling.


2. Ford Transit – Over 34,000 Registrations

Iconic on the roads of Britain, the Ford Transit is the largest of vans in the range. One factor that stands out is its road handling capabilities.
For a large van, it has car-like handling, with high load capacity and a range of engine power outputs. It also does well in tight spaces compared to the competition.


3. Mercedes Sprinter – Over 21,000 Registrations

The Sprinter is likely the most advanced and diverse van in its class. Offers three wheelbase options, four body lengths, two body heights, and a spread of engines to deal with each variant.


It has true car-like handling even when fully laden and boasts a quality interior feel with comfortable seats. Combine this with Mercedes being pioneers in driver safety, then you can see why it is the best in its class. However, this all comes with a price tag!

4. Volkswagen Transporter – Over 21,000 Registrations

German manufacturers are known for producing quality vehicles. It is this quality that the Transporter has that minimises depreciation of the vehicle. This means the VW Transporter leasing rates are competitive due to it has a higher predicted resale value.

Combine this with low running costs thanks to its efficient engines and modern safety features, and you have a good contender in the top rankings.


5. Ford Ranger – Over 17,000 Registrations

Although not a van, the Ranger pickup truck is still a vehicle that businesses use for transportation of goods and services to keep the UK’s economy rolling. It is good-looking, versatile, tackles terrains that vans usually can’t and at the end of the day, can be used as a family car.
It’s no surprise the Ranger is consistently the UK’s (and Europe’s) best-selling pickup!


Final Thoughts

This article in no way is a reflection of our opinion as to which are the best-selling vans in the UK. There are many factors to consider and usually, that is based on your business requirements.

All businesses are different. Therefore, different vans are used for different purposes, even within the same business.

We recommend considering the following in order to match a van that suits your business:

  • Cargo Volume – How much space does your van have and is it easy to load/off-load?
  • Payload Capabilities – Can your van handle your weight requirements?
  • Fuel Efficiency – Cumulative savings over time.
  • Comfort –  Reduced stress on drivers (especially on long journeys)

The order of the best selling vans in this article is based on the number of vehicles registered on the road in the UK for 2021.
This is a good indication as to which vans are the most popular in the market, but if you are still unsure as to which vehicle suits you, feel free to give us a call on 08000273923.

We will do everything we can to guide you!