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Tipper Van Leasing

Dropside and Tipper Leasing Explained

A Tipper van is a specialist vehicle that is particularly popular within the building and landscaping industries. The clue is in the name, with the van being a modification on a standard chassis cab van with a tipping flatbed at the rear. The tipping action will depend on the model you choose and should be a key consideration when selecting a tipper van. The lowest-cost tipper options are likely to only tip backwards, whereas those further up the range can also tip to the side. A dropside van is essentially identical to a tipper but without the tipping action. Instead of tipping, the side panels of the van can be dropped to allow you to load and unload materials with ease. Whether you need a tipper or a dropside will depend entirely on your industry and how you intend to use the van but it’s worth bearing in mind that a dropside will almost always come in at a lower price than a tipper.

Help Selecting a Van

At vanleasing.com our highly experienced van experts are on-hand to talk you through the full range of tipper and dropside options available on the market today. We work with every major manufacturer, which means we can give you a detailed and impartial opinion on the pros and cons of each model as well as helping you with the practical choice of whether a tipper or a dropside is the best option for your business. The most popular manufacturers of tipper vehicles include:

> Ford

> Citroen

> Nissan

> Renault

> Volkswagen

These manufacturers start with a chassis cab version of their standard mid-sized panel van (Ford Transit, Citroen Relay, Nissan NV400, Renault Master and Volkswagen Crafter) and add the customisations required to turn it into a fully functioning tipper. The benefit to you of this approach is that you are getting a known quantity, whether that be the fantastic safety record of the Ford Transit model, the great technology features of the Citroen Relay or the reliability record of the Volkswagen Crafter. Another key consideration to think about is how many people your van is going to need to carry. With a dropside or tipper vehicle the ‘crew cab’ or double cab options are extremely popular as they allow you to carry up to five passengers, with the lower-cost and smaller single cab options only able to carry one or two passengers. This will again depend on your individual needs.