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Reduce monthly costs with long-term leasing

Although it’s not the only reason, long term van leasing is a popular finance option because it’s one of the most affordable ways to drive and run a brand new vehicle. The reason a long term van lease is more affordable is because the biggest hit of depreciation is spread over a greater length of time. All vehicles depreciate at the fastest rate when they’re new, and the person or business who’s leasing a van needs to cover this cost. Over time, the rate of depreciation slows down and we can keep your monthly payments on a long term van lease low from the start because of this. The lower monthly payments you make also improve your cash flow which is vital if you’re running or starting a new business. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of long term van leasing and lease purchasing.

Other Benefits and Van Lease Purchasing

Another benefit of long term van leasing for new business owners comes if you decide you need a specialist vehicle or one kitted out for your specific business requirements. Buying and changing a van like this after a short period of time could prove costly if you’ve spent money specc’ing it up and it could also give you a headache if you can’t shift it, too. If you do want a vehicle for a particular purpose, a long term van lease purchase agreement allows you to buy the vehicle from us when the lease expires. And if you plan to keep the vehicle for a long time anyway, you could end up with a vehicle of a better spec than you first thought.


Flexibility is one of the best parts of long term van leasing and we’re happy to work with you and your circumstances. If you want, we can adjust your monthly payments with a long term van lease but a lease purchase agreement would offer the greatest flexibility of all. You could pay less during the lease but more for the van at the end, or on the other hand, if you pay more throughout the lease your van will be cheaper at the end because you’ll already have contributed to the cost of purchasing the vehicle. If this all sounds good to you, get started with a quote at the top of the page and see what you think. If it looks good too, you can carry on going through the few pages that follow where you can fill out an online application. For more information or assistance with our website just get in touch and our staff will be happy to help!