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Van Leasing for couriers and delivery service partners.

Are you a Delivery Service Partner looking to lease a van?

We know that a courier driver has never been a more important job than it is today and that starting up a delivery franchise is a great business opportunity.

With more of us shopping online than ever before, the demand for this type of service has never been higher, and it only looks set to grow even further.  So, if ever you were thinking about it, now might be the time to get yourself equipped with the right vans to push forward with your own courier business.

A van you can rely on

We know that reputation matters more than anything for courier businesses, and that is why many people often prefer to use a delivery firm that is a well-known reliable name. If you’re thinking about building a delivery franchise for a larger well-known company, you will certainly need reliable vans to make a success of it. At vanleasing.com, we help businesses like yours achieve this with long-term lease options, which will save you money when compared to leasing through other routes.

We help Owner Drivers and Delivery Service Partners who work with:







And more

Making the right impression as a professional courier is key, and that’s why we only offer brand new vehicles, ready for you to add your branding too. You get the reliability you need for all your deliveries with a brand-new van covered by full manufacturer’s warranty.

Building your business

With years of experience of supporting courier drivers and logistics operators, we know that reliable, affordable vans are your number one asset when it comes to making a success of your business. We also know that procuring the right van, or fleet can often be challenging – but that’s where we are here to help.

We work with courier businesses of all sizes, from start-ups through to those looking to expand their fleet of delivery vehicles. Whatever your size, we work hard to find the vans that are well suited for all your business needs.

Your choice of make and model

There are various factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right van, and the number of goods you need to deliver daily will naturally be a deciding factor.

With almost every make and model available, we’re here to help find the van that’s most suited to you. From the smaller, popular Ford Connect though to the larger Volkswagen Transporter, and every other manufacturer in between, the right van is waiting for you.

Whether you require a new van to start your business, or more vehicles to add to your fleet, our team of experts are here with the knowledge to help you select the vehicles best suited to you.

Need a hand?  We’re here to help

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