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Citroën Dispatch Van Leasing

For everyone buying a van, one of the most important priorities to consider is cost, and that is where the Citroën Dispatch has the advantage over all of its rivals. Not only does this van have the advantage over its rivals for upfront cost, but its running cost is brilliantly low too. 

In this case, however, cheaper does not equate to substandard performance and capability. With three lengths to choose from (XS, M & XL), the Dispatch offers more choice than most vans in its class. 

Twin side doors for easy cargo access are offered as standard, with a nifty hands-free side door opening system. This works by waving your foot under the rear side bumper to open the side doors on those wet days when you do not want to lay your cargo on the floor. 

The Dispatch also has class-leading payloads (up to 1400 kg) over the competition, proving that more expensive does not always mean better.

Dispatch Van Features & Specifications

  • Max load space: 5.1 cu.m (XS), 5.8 cu.m (M) & 6.6 cu.m (XL)
  • Max load length: 2200mm (XS), 2500mm (M) & 2900mm (XL) 
  • Max gross payload: Up to 1400 kg
  • Engine: 1.6 l diesel (94 & 114 bhp)
  • Load through bulkhead hatch (1.2m additional usable space)
  • Twin side doors (standard)
  • Hands-free side door opening system
  • Cruise control
  • Park assist system (optional)
  • Hill start assist