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Available For Immediate Delivery

From big-to-small and everything in between, we've got a perfect van leasing deal for you. Select from this week's pick of top lease deals or scroll up to the van selector to search from our full database of over 1,000 new models of van.

All the benefits of van hire (with none of the drawbacks!)

We get it, leasing is great but entering into a 2-5 year agreement doesn’t always suit your requirements. On the other hand, hiring a van for anything longer than a few days is nothing short of a nightmare. Firstly there’s the expense but then there’s the constant vehicle swaps and damage disputes to contend with too.

Our short term van leasing packages offer the best of both worlds: flexible monthly contracts that can be terminated anytime after two months but extended for up to 18 months as you require.

Benefits of Short Term Leasing

  Brand new vans
  Free nationwide delivery
  £250 damage waiver
  No vehicle swaps
  Electric and hybrid vans available
  Fully maintained including tyres and accident management
  Signwriting permitted
  Rent for 2 months then hand back or extend as required

Ideally Suited For

  Short term contracts or temporary staffing
  Usual vehicle off the road for lengthy repairs
  Plugging a short term gap when waiting for a newly built vehicle to arrive
  Businesses that don’t want to enter into a long-term lease agreement
  Businesses that regularly use daily hire providers but find the process frustrating