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Whether it’s the robust Hilux or powerful Proace , Toyota’s dependable range of commercial vehicles are built to succeed.

  • Packed with intelligent technology systems and innovative safety features

  • Available in various configurations allowing you to create a truly personalised vehicle

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Toyota Van Leasing

Why Choose Toyota For Your Van?

Toyota van leasing has provided first class reliability and affordability ratings for many years and a staggering 80% of Toyota vehicles sold in the last 20 years are claimed to be still on the road today. They’re one of the biggest, best known and most highly regarded of all the car and van manufacturers of all time – selling vehicles globally in over 160 different countries and regions. With excellent engineering and reliability, come excellent residual values - making a Toyota van lease affordable, dependable and economical. The vehicles we offer from the current commercial line-up stand out as some of the best in their respective classes and consistently receive excellent reviews and customer satisfaction scores from the motoring press. The Hilux is an iconic pickup truck that’s been in production since the late ‘60s and has since earned a reputation as one of the most durable and reliable vehicles ever made. The Dyna is a larger vehicle, designed specifically for commercial use with dropside and tipper versions and the all new Toyota Pro-Ace van designed to help you through any working day, available when you lease Toyota van.

A Bit of Toyota History

One of Toyota's first pickup trucks
1935 Toyota G1 Pickup Truck

Toyota began in 1933 as part of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works owned by the Toyoda family. The Japanese government took pride in the contribution the Toyoda family gave to their economy and the pride they brought to Japan, resulting in them strongly recommending the Toyoda family branch out their company and start working on automobiles. With this backing of the Japanese government, Toyota Motor Co. was created as a separate company in 1937. In the early 1950’s, Toyota received a massive order for 5000 vehicles, which boomed their sales and cemented Toyota’s place in the motor trade industry.

Reliability and Safety

Toyota's badge logo representing quality
Toyota's quality assurance in reliability and safety

There is nothing more important than your safety and the safety of your passengers when driving any vehicle. Toyota has put this at the forefront of their incredible engineering. One of the safety features Toyota has implemented is the Anti-lock Braking System with Electronic Brake Force Distribution. This allows the pressure put on the brakes to be rapidly increased and decreased allowing you to be in full control of your vehicle when braking whilst still having the ability to steer. The Electronic Brake Force Distribution greatly reduces the distance it takes your vehicle to stop when applying the brakes. It does this by smartly and fully utilising the brake force distribution between wheels. The Electronic Brake Force Distribution assesses the overall load and if there is a load difference between the front, back, left or right wheels, it distributes the brake force accordingly. In addition to the already solid braking system, Toyota has included Brake Assist. The Brake Assist activates a greater brake force in the unlikely event you need to do an emergency stop and allows you to come so a stop, smoothly and safely. The Brake Assist technology can assess the exact speed with which you hit your brake pedal and when it assess the extra speed and force for when an emergency stop is needed, it applies the extra brake force needed. The Hilux adds Vehicle Stability Control as a further safety feature. The Vehicle Stability Control allows you to remain in total control and prevent skidding in any weather. This technology works by individually controlling the brakes and changing the engine output in order to redirect the vehicle towards the outside of the curve, say if you are on an unsuspecting sharp bend.

Engines and Emissions

One of Toyota's first pickup trucks
2015 Toyota Hilux V8 5,7l Engine

For the different commercial vehicles available for Toyota there are difference engines. The Dyna range, however, are all powered by a three litre diesel engine which produced 114bhp. With the Toyota Hilux, you have a choice between the 2.5D-4D 144HP 5 speed manual engine, the 3.0D-4D 171HP 5 speed manual engine and the 3.0D-4D 171HP 5 speed automatic engine. The all new Toyota Pro-Ace comes with a 1.6 litre diesel engine that delivers a max torque of 180Nm and gets over 40mpg with a five speed manual gearbox. All models of this van can come with a choice of 2.0 litre diesel engines which can provide a torque of up to 320Nm of torque with 128bhp or a 163bhp with 340Hm of torque. Both have a six-speed manual gearbox and almost 45mpg. The CO2 emissions for this vehicle range from 193g/km to 227g/km. There is a lot of information on fuel consumption and emissions for vans in the UK, you can also learn about how the diesel engines are the cleanest to date from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

What You Actually Get

  • Anti-Lock Braking System

  • Brake Assist

  • Electronic Brake Force Distribution

  • Traction Control

    The Traction Control (TRC) is a system that helps prevent drive wheel spin from occurring when starting or accelerating on a slippery road, particularly on snowy roads.

    If slippage occurs during acceleration, TRC applies and releases braking continually whilst controlling engine output to the drive wheels. This enables the drive wheels to eventually gain some traction (through power reduction) allowing the vehicle to move forward.

    Traction control by Toyota
    Toyota's Famous Traction Control System - Wheel Skid Prevention
  • Vehicle Stability Control

How Do I Get a Toyota Van Lease?

Leasing a Toyota with us allows you to have a brand new vehicle at a fixed, low-cost monthly payment with various benefits you wouldn’t get anywhere else. You get the best vehicles in the Range at an affordable price and you get to have a brand new vehicle sitting in your driveway. Get the most flexible finance options available whether you are looking for the best personal van lease or one for your business. We want everyone to get the benefits of financing these top of the range vehicles, so even if you are a new business we can help. If you would simply like someone to talk to about the different options with leasing to contract hire, click Contact Us now. At all of your Toyota van leasing deals are competitive and flexible, so have a browse through the list of models below to find the right Toyota can for you!