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Citroen Vans For Your Business Needs

Citroen have manufactured vans alongside their car range from the beginning. Their first van was a variant of the Citroen Type A 1919 10HP vehicle and the company has been selling commercial vehicles ever since. A lot has changed over nearly a century, but through many years of “Créative Technologie” Citroen have become one of the greatest innovators in designing and manufacturing commercial vehicles, making Citroen van leasing the perfect option for you.

How Do I Get A Citroen Van For Leasing?

With a capable and excellent value range that is known for having strong diesel transmissions and engines, Citroen vans are some of the most popular that we have on offer. Their current line-up has all the usual styles covered, ranging in order of size from the small and manoeuvrable Nemo, to the intermediate Citroen Berlingo, all the way to the long wheelbase, high roof Citroen Relay. Citroen van models are class leading in terms of performance, economy and running costs and there are many variations of each van to choose from including both automatic transmission and manual vehicles. Citroen have also produced vans through a long standing partnership with Peugeot (and more recently Fiat) so these other manufacturers are also worth a look if you’re still browsing different van makes and models. Some van models are shared by the three companies which are branded accordingly and then sold under each name. As such it’s always a good idea for business users to do a little research on Citroen’s close cousins, as you might get the same vehicle for a much better deal.

Use our Van Selector above to choose a model for lease and generate your personalised quote today (all van makes and models are delivered free of charge to any mainland UK address and are available with both lease and contract hire finance options). Alternatively, for more vehicle options please visit our van deal offers page and use the drop down menu to select the van for your business needs.

Citroen’s Performance and Technology

As you would expect with the slogan “Créative Technologie”, Citroen are one of the most innovative vehicle manufacturers around, particularly when weighing up what you get for your money. Constantly striving to be one step ahead of the competitors as clearly demonstrated by Citroen’s SM model. The SM’s innovations are currently standard on most cars today, but when you consider it was manufactured back in 1970, then these innovations (mentioned below) were truly ground breaking:

Composite Wheels:

Luxury materials such as carbon fibre and ceramics are exotic even by today’s standards, but to have such components on the wheels is still very rarely heard of. This innovation reduced the wheel’s weight to half of that of a standard steel wheel.

Rain Sensing Wipers:

To have such technology in a vehicle (particularly before the modern electronic sensor era) was huge. The sensor would detect the amount of rain in order to determine how fast the blade needed to wipe the windscreen.

Automatic Suspension:

Reservoirs that pump pressurised fluids to the vehicle’s corners independently. This enabled the driver to adjust ride height, levelling and shock damping.

Adaptive Headlights:

That’s right! Citroen were the first to link the steering of a vehicle to the headlights, whereby the lights independently move when turning a corner, effectively allowing you to see around the bend sooner rather than later.

Variable Steering:

Variable steering allowed the driver to have a constant steer pressure regardless of speed and with that came an adjustable steering wheel in both height and reach.

Van Practicality Perfect For Leasing

Let us now take a look at some of Citroen’s van practicality and how taking out a business contract to lease one would benefit you and your business.

Environmentally Friendly Engines

Renowned for having one of the most fuel efficient engines, Citroen offers a wide range of petrol and diesel engines. The variations of fuel type and engine specifications means you are spoilt for choice, making it easier to pick a van’s performance that is specifically suited for your business needs.

Features For Safer More Comfortable Driving

Depending on the model, Citroen has an array of features that are designed to make your driving experience safer and more comfortable.

  • ABS
  • Hill Start Assist (depending on model)
  • Up to six airbags (depending on model)
  • ESC
  • Rear Pneumatic Suspension (for improved grip and traction during cornering)
  • Intelligent Traction Control (depending on model)
  • Hill Descent Control (comes with Intelligent Traction Control)
  • Lane Departure Warning System
  • Heat-Reflecting Windows
  • Automatic Wipers & Lights
  • Cruise Control

How To Get In Touch

Select a model above to find out more about Citroen van leasing or to generate your personalised quote today. Our personalised quote system allows you to generate prices for a business contract based on your individual mileage and contract requirements. All prices are show exclusive of VAT, as is clearly marked against each price you are given. If you can’t see exactly what you’re looking for or would like some more information, just get in touch – we will be more than happy to answer any of your Citroen van lease questions.