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Why Lease The Fiat Doblo Van?

The Fiat Doblo comes in the form of a panel van (the Doblo Cargo) or as a practical mini MPV. The Doblo Cargo has six different body styles to choose from with short or long wheelbases and a combi option meaning you can carry goods and equipment as well as passengers. As an MPV the Fiat Doblo performs well, is spacious, has good road manners and manoeuvrability. It’s never going to drive the same as a car but the Fiat Doblo does its job well. The boot is huge having 3,200 litres of space available with the rear seats removed. A Fiat Doblo lease ensures you have a dependable van at a fixed low-cost monthly payment. The entire Fiat range, whether you choose the Fiat Fiorino, the Fiat Scudo or the Fiat Ducato, are all solid vehicles and incredibly reliable. The Doblo is a smart looking vehicle and has lots of cargo space for any situation. A Fiat Doblo lease gets you a functional and practical vehicle that gets you where you need to be, safely and comfortably, for an affordable monthly cost. Contact Us today or Quote Me for multiple instant prices tailored to you.

More Reasons To Lease The Doblo?

  • Large front door mirrors
  • 56-58 miles to the gallon (NEDC)
  • Loadspace occupying two Euro pallets
  • Protected plastic coated loadspace
  • Two wheelbases
  • Low cargo floor for easy loading & offloading
  • Standard van payload an impressive 1050Kg


Engine, Fuel and Emissions

Fiat's 1.4L 70kW Diesel engine
Selection of Doblo engines to choose from

There are three engines to choose from when it comes to the Fiat Doblo. Two of which are diesel, one is a 1.3 Multijet II 90 HP Euro 5+ with a maximum torque of 200Nm at 1500rpm, a top speed of 98mph and comes with EcoJet technology. The other diesel option is a 1.6 Multijet II 90 HP MTA Euro 5 with a maximum torque of 200Nm at 1500rpm, a top speed of 98mph and Start-Stop Technology. Not everyone is a lover of diesel engines. This is why the Fiat Doblo also has a petrol option: a 1.4 16v 95 HP MPI Euro 6. This petrol engine is ideal for lower mileage town driving but the diesel engines offer improved efficiency and longer service intervals (21,000 miles). The CO2 emissions for the diesel engines range from 133 g/km to 130 g/km. The Fiat Doblo can get from 56 to 58 miles to the gallon with its Start-Stop technology being fully utilised. As previously mentioned the 1.3 and 1.6 diesel engines come with the EcoJet technology which vastly lowers fuel consumption. This clever development helps your fuel consumption by using a variable displacement oil pump, an oil which reduces friction, the Start-Stop technology and a device which manages the alternator in a unique way. There is a lot of information on fuel consumption and emissions for vans in the UK, and you can learn about how the diesel engines are the cleanest to date from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

Load Carrying Ability

Interior of the Fiat Doblo van
Internal Load Carrying Capacity for Fiat Doblo

Standard cargo capacity of the Fiat Doblo is 3.4 cubic metres, but this is increased to 4.0 cubic metres with the high roof spec. Two standard pallets can be transported easily and access is good for easy loading/unloading up to 1000kg of cargo. Twin asymmetric doors are standard at the rear of the vehicle or a tailgate can be specified if you prefer. All apart from the standard Doblo Cargo come with sliding side doors. In essence, the load compartment is an even, smooth surface, free from jutting edges or mechanical clutter. The load compartment has a load space from 3.4 to 5m3, with a height of 1550mm, a length up to 2170mm and a width of 1714mm. On the floor of the load area is an inspection plug. In addition, there are 6 load retaining hooks and an easily washable waterproof PVC flooring  allowing you to keep your van looking professional and clean. There are 5 different options for the partition which separates the passengers from the load area. You can make it panelled, glazed, soundproofed and can add the option of a ladder. The Fiat Doblo even helps on those winter nights when the dusk approaches fast and you may be stuck in the dark having two service lights to help you see.

Arriving Safely and In Style

The new Fiat Doblo Cargo has had a facelift and a new image which gives that touch of luxury to its appearance. It has an entirely new front; the shape of the bumper, the front grille and the new design for the headlights make this van look stylish and efficient: A great look for any company or business. In the cab of the vehicle there are various different places to keep your items safe and secure. In the glove compartment there is enough room for a tablet or a folder for work. For many people, an important part to a van is the music system since it can improve any long journey or stressful working day. The Fiat Doblo can come with an MP3 compatible CD player, controlled with buttons provided at the safe distance of the steering wheel. The Fiat Doblo has several safety features to calm nerves or worries about any journey. One of these is the 4-sensor Anti-Braking-System with Hydraulic Brake Assist. This has an electronic brake force distributor, which ensures total control of your van in any weather by stopping the lock system on the wheels. You can confidently press your brakes suddenly and get a smooth and reduced stopping distance. Another feature which can come with the Fiat Doblo is the Electronic Stability Control device. This, paired with the Hill-Holder technology results in an automatic braking torque which helps you to keep full control of your vehicle on steep slopes. A further advantage to this vehicle are the built in parking sensors which beep to inform you of anything behind your van. In the event that there is an obstacle at the back of your vehicle, the parking sensor will let off an audible warning ‘beep’ that increases tempo the closer you are to any object. Safety is a vital part to every vehicle and there many different ways it can be tested.

What You Actually Get


How To Start a Fiat Doblo Lease?

A Fiat Doblo lease gives total flexibility and reliability. The Fiat Doblo is a solid vehicle that can get you where you want to be safely and in style. With an 8.9% share in the UK’s small van market the Fiat Doblo illustrates its constant growing popularity. Leasing this van gives you the reliability of a truly iconic Italian manufacturer at a fixed low-cost monthly rate to suit you, delivered straight to your door, free of charge.

To get a Fiat Doblo lease you first need to select which package you would like. We have plenty of information on contract hire and finance lease to help guide you in the right direction. We want everyone to have this level of quality and performance when it comes to their working vehicle and even if you are a new business, we can help. To get started with leasing your Fiat Doblo, simply get in touch by either of the three means that suit your needs. Remember, our friendly advisors are here to provide a truly informative experience, supplying all the information required without any obligation or pushy sales tactics…we simply want to find the right van for you!


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