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Fiat Ducato

35 Short Wheel Base 2.3 120

From £262 +VAT

Fiat Ducato

35 Medium Wheel Base 2.3 120

From £268 +VAT

Fiat Ducato

35 Short Wheel Base 2.3 High Roof 120

From £270 +VAT

Fiat Ducato

35 Medium Wheel Base 2.3 140

From £271 +VAT

Fiat Ducato

35 Medium Wheel Base 2.3 High Roof 120

From £272 +VAT

Fiat Ducato

35 Long Wheel Base 2.3 High Roof 120

From £273 +VAT

Fiat Ducato

35 Maxi Medium Wheel Base 2.3 140

From £275 +VAT

Fiat Ducato

35 Maxi Medium Wheel Base 2.3 160

From £280 +VAT

Fiat Ducato

35 Maxi Medium Wheel Base 2.3 High Roof 140

From £282 +VAT

Fiat Ducato

35 Maxi Medium Wheel Base 2.3 High Roof 180 Power

From £299 +VAT

Fiat Ducato

35 Maxi Long Wheel Base 2.3 Tipper 140

From £313 +VAT

Fiat Ducato

35 Medium Wheel Base 2.3 Tipper 140

From £314 +VAT

Fiat Ducato

35 Maxi Medium Wheel Base 2.3 Tipper 140

From £316 +VAT

Fiat Ducato

35 Long Wheel Base 2.3 3-way Tipper 140

From £323 +VAT

Fiat Ducato

35 Maxi Medium Wheel Base 2.3 3-way Tipper 160

From £328 +VAT

Why Lease The Fiat Ducato Van?

The Ducato has been in Fiat’s range for over 30 years and continues to be a familiar sight on UK roads. With a maximum payload of between 1000kg and 2000kg and a load volume of 8 to 17 cubic metres, the Ducato will easily move heavy/bulky loads. Multijet diesel engines with the choice of two displacements (2.3 or 3.0 litres) and four power outputs are paired with the Ducato to make the current model generation more powerful and economical than it’s ever been. Inside the Ducato it’s roomy and storage is plentiful, with lockable, refrigerated compartments in the cabin and additional space under the seats. A six way adjustable driver’s seat and air conditioning (standard on all models) results in a comfortable drive and it’s easy to see why Fiat Ducato van leasing remains so popular. With a service interval of 30,000 miles combined with a generous warranty, Fiat Ducato van leasing is excellent value for a vehicle of this size. The full Fiat Ducato van lease warranty is two years with no maximum mileage and in the third year you will still be covered by parts and labour (up to 120,000 miles).

More Reasons To Lease The Ducato?

  • Tyre pressure monitoring system
  • Up to 4250Kg payload
  • Traffic signal recognition system.
  • Up to 17m3 volume capacity
  • 4 wheel bases to choose from

Engine, Fuel and Emissions

Fiat's Ducato 130hp Multijet Engine
130hp Euro5 Fiat Ducato Engine – Fuel Efficient Yet Powerful

There are three engines to choose from with Fiat Ducato van Leasing. There is the 110 Multijet II Euro 5+ with a maximum torque of 300Nm at 1800 rpm, a 130 Multijet II Euro 5+ with a maximum torque of 320Nm at 1800 rpm, a 150 Multijet II euro 5+ with a maximum torque of 350Nm at 1500 rpm which can reach a top speed of 101 mph or the 180 Multijet Power Euro 5+ with a maximum torque of 400Nm at 1400 rpm and a maximum speed of 106 mph. The Co2 emissions range from 236 g/Km to 170 g/Km depending on what model and version of engine you select. There is a lot of information on fuel consumption and emissions for vans in the UK, you can also learn about how diesel engines are the cleanest to date from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

Load Carrying Capacity

demonstrating the Ducato's load carrying capacity
Ducato’s payload of up to 2500Kg with max. load area of 4070mm long by 2172mm high

There are two different models of the Ducato panel van: the Ducato and the Ducato Maxi which also comes with reinforced suspension. The payload in these vans range from 1000 to 2200kg, can comes with a maximum load of up to 2500kg and a GVW option from 3000kg. The load area sizes between 2670-4070mm long, up to 2172mm high. In addition to this you can also have 4 securing hooks which are available for the sides in the load area along with multiple points for anchoring. The Ducato has a Crew van model which comes in three lengths, two heights, with a payload of up to 2880kg, can seat up to 7 people, has a GVW option from 3300kg and provides a compartment to store pipes with is situated under the rear seats. The Ducato Dropside Truck comes with five different lengths, GVW up to 4250kg, a maximum load of 2500kg, a single or double cab and has two different models, the Ducato and the Ducato Maxi. Finally the Ducato also comes as a 3-way tipper which has a GVW up to 3500kg, a payload of up to 1162kg, two different wheel bases, a solid steel structure which can compete in the harshest conditions and a load area of up to 6.8m2.

Arriving Safely and In Style

image of front end of Fiat Ducato van
Ducato’s New Fierce Looking Front End

The new Fiat Ducato has had a facelift and a new image which gives that touch of luxury to its appearance. With a Fiat Ducato lease you get one of the highest levels of safety guaranteed. Fiat has implemented various different safety features. Firstly you have Cruise Control; allowing you to travel at whatever speed you want without pressing the accelerator whether it be on motorways or not, with the convenience of turning it off by simply pressing a button or brake. In addition to Cruise Control you can have a Speed Limiter. This stops you from going over a certain speed without meaning to and accidently putting yourself at more risk. Another safety component you can have with this van is the Electronic Stability Control device. This paired with the Hill-Holder technology results in an automatic braking torque which helps you to keep full control of your vehicle on steep slopes. A further advantage to this vehicle is the built in parking sensors which beep to inform you of anything behind your van. In the event that there is an obstacle in your way, the parking sensor will let off an audible warning ‘beep’ that increases tempo the closer you are to any object. Safety is a vital part to every vehicle and there many different ways that your vehicle is tested. Another detail is the Hill Descent Control, meaning you can go down a hill at your current speed without pressing the accelerator, so all your focus is on the driving. In addition, the Lane Departure Warning System assists your driving by detecting when you are drifting out of your lane. As you approach the lane line an audio warning sounds and a light comes on to warn you that you are drifting, ensuring your safety and the safety of other road users. Finally, with the Ducato leasing you can get Traction Plus. This means, even on uneven terrain, sand or snow, the Smart Electronic Differential system reduces the amount of torque from a wheel that is currently slipping and changes it to the wheel with the better grip.

What You Actually get

How Do I Lease a Fiat Ducato?

A Fiat Ducato lease gives total flexibility and reliability. The Fiat Ducato is a solid vehicle that can get you where you want to be safely and in style. The Fiat Ducato is constantly growing in popularity in the UK. Leasing this van gives you the reliability of a world renowned Italian manufacturer at a fixed low-cost monthly rate, delivered straight to your door and free of charge. If you are not sure which package you would like to go for we have plenty of information on contract hire and finance lease. We want everyone to have this level of quality and performance when it comes to their working vehicle, even if you are a new business, we can help. At vanleasing.com all of our Fiat Ducato lease options are competitive and flexible. If you would simply like to talk to someone to discuss your options, contact us now and one of our friendly advisors will give you a call.