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Ford Fiesta

Petrol 1.0 Ecoboost 95

From £179 +VAT

Ford Fiesta

1.5 TDCI

From £185 +VAT

Ford Fiesta

Petrol 1.0 Ecoboost Sport

From £189 +VAT

Ford Fiesta

1.5 TDCI 85 Sport

From £196 +VAT

Why The Ford Fiesta Van For Leasing?

Ford Fiesta van leasing offers a good balance of comfort and refinement, making this van perfect for jobs in the city and also for that occasional longer trip. 1m³ of load space and a gross payload of 485-508kg gives enough room and capacity for carrying light tools as well as bulkier items that you couldn’t fit in a normal car. A tough rubber floor mat in the back of the van will help stop your load sliding around too much, and if it does, the durable trim will easily cope with normal wear and tear. If you do need to secure what you’re carrying, fear not! The Fiesta van has a steel bulkhead and four cargo tie-down hooks which meet the international DIN load restraint standard. The entire Ford Range, whether you choose the Transit Connect, the large Transit Van or the powerful Ford Ranger pick-up truck, are all the most technologically advanced yet, keeping you safer and more efficient than ever before. This is a renowned brand that the United Kingdom has grown with together, setting some of the benchmarks in commercial vehicle engineering and we focus on making it affordable to everyone. To Lease this van is to use a trustworthy brand that gets you where you need to be, safely, comfortably and in style, so contact us today or click Quote Me for instant prices.

More Reasons To Lease The Fiesta Van?

  • Lowest fuel consumption of any van
  • 85.6 miles to the gallon (NEDC)
  • Heated electric mirrors
  • Height-adjustable driver seat


Engine, Fuel and Emissions

image of Ford's Fiesta engine
Ford’s Engine with ECOnetic-technology

Ford has engineered a variety of engines, built for what you need them to do with unique ECOnetic technology. The Ford Fiesta van is surefooted in its movement and agile, which helps with the town or city driving. Ford has made it so that whatever you need your Ford Fiesta Van to do, there is a perfect engine for the job. For instance, there is the 1.2 petrol engine, a recently developed 1.5 TDCi, an improved 1.6 TDCi and the 1.6 TDCi ECOnetic engine which comes with the top of the range fuel efficiency and impressive power. The 1.6 lire Duratorq TDCi ECOnetic diesel engine provides 95ps and 205Nm of torque. Ford has successfully provided an engine that has a surprisingly large amount of power and yet has outstanding fuel consumption. The 1.6 TDCi ECOnetic Duratorq Powertrain is truly one of the best in fuel economy with 85.6 mpg and with only 87g/km of CO2, produces the lowest fuel emissions in comparison to all the other manufacturers in the market. There is a lot of information on fuel consumption and emissions for vans in the UK, and you can also learn about how the diesel engines are the cleanest to date from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. Ford has also invested their ingenious engineering into creating Smart Regenerative Charging which only recharges the battery when it actually requires it. In addition to this, the Smart Regenerative Charging technology does not charge the battery, if possible, when you are accelerating. Another extra is the Auto-Start-Stop function; when your van is idle, such as at a red light or stuck in traffic on the motorway, the Auto-Stop-Start technology automatically turns off the engine, not reducing the performance of the air flow or music system. Once you are ready to move, (or finally out of that traffic!) you simply release the clutch, put the vehicle into first and the system restarts. This is most beneficial in the middle of cities or when going into town because it can reduce fuel consumption by 10%. Everybody forgets now and again to change gear, especially on long journeys. Helpfully, Ford has implemented a Shift Indicator in the Fiesta Van whereby a light on the instrument panel informs you when to change gear for the best fuel consumption. The Shift Indicator is an easy, economical feature which improves your driving and helps you save money on fuel.

Your Own Comfort Behind The Wheel

image of Ford's Fiesta internal carrying capacity
Ford Fiesta Van Internal Load Carrying Capacity

Another precaution Ford has taken is the Easy-Fuel cap. This smart fuel inhibitor makes sure you only ever use the correct fuel nozzle when refuelling your van. Never again will you have to run out to your vehicle ten minutes before you are due to drive to clear a frosty window. Ford has provided the option of Quickclear to aid you on those winter mornings. This ingenious addition is a simple touch of a button and your vehicle will clear the windscreen in seconds. Another feature you have is a high-quality audio system when you are driving. The CD/radio comes standard with the Fiesta Van and DAB Radio is added from Trend. The Base Van has sockets for Apple’s ipod® and various different audio players, so you can always have the best music with you on the go. Finally, Ford has built into the Fiesta Van Electric Power-Assisted Steering. This technology automatically changes the level on power steering in order to give lighter steering when you are doing any manoeuvre, reverse or not, and a tougher power steering level to give maximum control on duel carriageways or motorways.

What You Actually Get

How Do I Get A Ford Fiesta Van Lease?

Ford vehicles have been driven by generations in the UK. The Ford Fiesta Van models are now available all over the world and have so many optional extras you will feel spoiled for choice. Most importantly, we focus on making them affordable to you. To lease a Ford Fiesta van gives you the reliability of this truly iconic manufacturer at a fixed low-cost monthly rate to suit you, delivered straight to your door, free of charge. If you are not sure which package you would like to go for, we have plenty of information on Contract Hire and Finance Lease for your van. At vanleasing.com all of our Ford Van leasing options are competitive and flexible. If you would simply like someone to talk to and discuss your options with, request us to call back now and one of our friendly advisors will get in touch ASAP.