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Ford Transit Custom

280 L1 FWD 2.0 EcoBlue 130ps Low Roof Limited

From £210 +VAT

Ford Transit Custom

320 L1 FWD 2.0 EcoBlue 105ps Low Roof Leader

From £214 +VAT

Ford Transit Custom

280 L1 FWD 2.0 EcoBlue 130ps Low Roof Leader

From £217 +VAT

Ford Transit Custom

300 L2 FWD 2.0 EcoBlue 130ps Low Roof Limited

From £218 +VAT

Ford Transit Custom

300 L2 FWD 2.0 EcoBlue 130ps Low Roof Double Cab Limited

From £223 +VAT

Ford Transit Custom

280 L1 FWD 2.0 EcoBlue 130ps Low Roof Trend

From £226 +VAT

Why Go For The Ford Transit Custom?

The Transit Custom is a Mid-sized van, developed by Ford Europe since 2012 that is appreciated worldwide for its practicality and reliability. Ford has had a huge impact in the motor industry with all of their van models due to ingenious engineering and frequent technological improvements. The Custom is a well-loved product with incredible load space, having the advantage of being less bulky than the large Ford Transit Van yet bigger than the Ford Fiesta and the Transit Connect.  This results in copious amounts of room, excellent fuel efficiency and full utilisation of the van. The Custom may be one of the newest additions to the Transit Family but is by no means any less impressive. It has some of the latest technology out there and Ford has kitted it with all the benefits they can think of that the rest of the Ford range also enjoys. Where the Custom differs, is that it’s the first and only van in its class to receive the prestigious maximum 5-star safety rating by Euro NCAP. Two of its unique features also received the Euro NCAP Advanced reward for technology: the very first time any commercial vehicle has made such a feat in all commercial history. The Ford Custom keeps you safe and is one of the most efficient vans on the market. This van checks all the boxes: professional look for a business, smart look for an individual, practicality, functionality and a smooth, comfortable drive and car-like interior. This is a renowned brand that the United Kingdom has grown with together, setting some of the bench marks in commercial vehicle engineering and we focus on making it affordable to everyone. To lease this van is to use a trustworthy brand that gets you where you need to be, safely, comfortably and in style. So Contact Us today or click Quote Me for instant prices.

Update: We have taken the Ford Transit Custom through its paces in the Highlands of Scotland. Find out what we have to say about the Transit Custom van review

More Reasons To Lease The Transit Custom?

  • Achieves Euro NCAP five-star rating
  • Front and side airbags for total head protection
  • Concentration Driver Alert System

Engine, Fuel and Emissions

Ford's 2.2L Duratorq TDCi Diesel Engine
Ford’s Impressive Duratorq Diesel Engine Pumping out 114kW

Ford has invested a lot of time and money into engineering the most technologically advanced engines of today with multiple variants, in order to provide a Ford Transit Custom driver with an engine that is perfectly suited to what they need. This vehicle can come with a highly powerful yet economical 2.2 litre Duratorq TDCi diesel engine, front wheel drive with a six speed manual transmission. You can choose between three levels of power: the 100ps/310Nm, the 125ps/350Nm or the 155ps/385Nm. Regardless of which model you pick you’ll be impressed. The torque in all these engines will leave you smiling because it really does deliver a great level of power. The engine models paired with Ford ECOnetic Technology successfully manages to reduce the cost of ownership, meets the difficult Euro Stage V emission standards and is more environmentally friendly than any other predecessor. Ford have invested a lot of time and effort to supply the most advanced and unique fuel saving technology such as Auto-Start-Stop; when your car is idle, such as at a red light or stuck in traffic on the motorway, the Auto-Start-Stop software automatically turns off the engine, without reducing the performance of the air flow or music system. Once you are ready to move, (or finally out of that traffic!) you simply release the clutch, put the vehicle into first and the system restarts. This is most beneficial in the middle of cities or when going into town where it can reduce fuel consumption by 10%. In addition to this you have Smart Regenerative Charging. This means you only recharge your battery when it truly needs it and, when available, it avoids doing so when you are pressing the accelerator. This helps reduce your fuel consumption even more which is all money in your pocket. Ford has given you the option, with the ECOnetic models, to control the rate of acceleration in the vehicle – dependent on whether it is laden or un-laden. The benefit of this is that you can get reduced fuel consumption by up to 15%. In addition, it eases the day to day wear and tear on your engine, tyres and breaks. Ford has implemented a Shift Indicator in the Transit Custom Van. A light on the instrument panel informs you when to change gear for the best fuel consumption. The Shift Indicator is an easy, economical feature which improves your driving and helps you save money on fuel. There is a lot of information on fuel consumption and emissions for vans in the UK, you can also learn about how the diesel engines are the cleanest to date from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

Your Own Comfort Behind The Wheel

luxury interior of cab - Ford Transit Custom
Your Own Comfort Behind The Wheel Of Ford’s Custom Transit

Ford has made it so that every worry you may have behind the wheel is easily sorted due to the multitude of extras available at the click of a button so your day runs as smoothly as your new Ford Connect. Ford SYNC allows you the very best hands-free technology. This allows you to make calls, answer calls and even choose what song you want to listen to through your mobile with a simple voice command. This technology can actually read your SMS messages and stream music via Bluetooth. These touches make your day that bit easier if you are on the move and have an urgent phone call or if you just want to be even more comfortable on those long journeys. Another optional extra is the parking sensors; optimised vision in front and behind you, helping to avoid any unseen obstacles. The sensors can detect anything close to your vehicle which then sends an audio warning which gets stronger as you get closer. The cab in the Transit Custom is built so that it acts as an office on wheels for you. For example, if you choose to have two front passenger seats, the centre of the two seats, where the third seat would normally be, has a fold-out table fit which can hold a small brief case of a laptop. The Transit Custom comes with a hidden storage space, which can hold up to 93 litres under the front passenger seats and there is also a small hidden area in the instrument panel to conceal your phone or music player.

Different Models of the Transit Custom

Internal load capacity of Ford's Custom
The Custom’s Impressive Load Capacity – Huge Space

There are three different body-styles when it comes to the Ford Transit Custom; the Van, the Double-Cab-in-Van and the Kombi. Firstly, the Custom Van is a full-size load carrier which comes with a choice between two or three seats for passengers, a full width and height bulkhead which separates the area where your cargo sits and where you sit and this can come glazed or unglazed. This model comes in with two wheel base options; short wheel base or long wheelbase and two roof height options; low roof and high roof. The Gross Vehicle Mass can range from 2500kg to 3325kg. The Double-Cab-in-Van again comes with the choice between two or three seats in the front of the vehicle and has an extra row of three seats which sit behind the front seats. This can also come with the full height, full width bulkhead to separate the seats and the loadspace. It has two wheelbase options; short wheel base and long wheel base, a high and low roof option and with a Gross Vehicle Mass which ranges from 2700kg-3325kg. Lastly is the Transit Custom Kombi van. With the other two models you have two options for seat numbers, with this model you have up 30 different variations for seating! If you can’t decide then don’t worry, the Kombi model comes with a Flexible Rear Seating system. This means that they can be folded down to create more space for you. There is also the ability to roll the seats forward, a fast and simple way to make more space. In addition, the seats can be removed, giving you the ultimate amount of space. As with the other models, you have the low or high roof options. The Gross Vehicle Mass ranges from 3100kg to 3325kg.

What You Actually Get

How To Lease a Ford Transit Custom?

Ford vehicles have been driven by generations in the UK all over the world. The Ford Transit Custom Van models are now easily available and have so many optional extras you will feel spoiled for choice. Most importantly, we focus on making them affordable to you. To lease a Ford Transit Custom van gives you the reliability of this truly iconic manufacturer at a fixed low-cost monthly rate to suit you, delivered straight o your door, free of charge. If you are not sure which package you would like to go for, we have plenty of information on Contract Hireand Finance Lease for your van. At vanleasing.com all of our Ford Van leasing options are competitive and flexible. If you would like to talk to someone and discuss your options, click Contact Us now and one of our friendly advisors will give you a call whenever suits you best.