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Mercedes X Class

220d 4Matic Progressive Double Cab Pickup

From £304 +VAT

Mercedes X Class

250d 4Matic Progressive Double Cab Pickup

From £340 +VAT

Mercedes eSprinter Van Leasing

With electric vans having higher upfront costs, buying one might be discouraging. However, that bigger purchase price will be repaid by penny-pinching running costs thereafter. Electric vehicles can save up to 80% in terms of basic running costs, while also being kind to the environment.

The interior of the e-Sprinter is practically identical to the Sprinter. It currently comes in just one size (L2, H2) with a load volume of 11 cu.m and a load length of well over 3 metres.

There is a choice of 2 different size battery packs, depending on whether range or weight capacity is the priority. The heavier battery (55 kWh) is capable of a 96 mile range with a payload of 774 kg, and the lighter pack (41 kWh) drops the range to 70 miles, but offers an increased payload of 1045 kg.

The driving experience for the e-Sprinter is refined with impressive handling on account of the batteries’ location underneath the load space, with the lower centre of gravity providing enhanced stability… a feature that never fails to impress drivers considering its size

e-Sprinter Van Features & Specifications

  • Max load volume: 11 cu.m
  • Max load length: 3397 mm
  • Max gross payload: 774kg (55 kWh battery) & 1045kg (41 kWh battery)
  • Electric motor: 85 kW (equivalent to 114 bhp)
  • Range: 96 miles (55 kWh battery) & 70 miles (41 kWh battery)
  • Battery capacity: 55 kWh & 41 kWh
  • Charge time: 8 hrs (3-phase domestic power supply) & 30 mins (80% rapid charge)
  • Heated driver seat with armrest
  • Air conditioning
  • 4-levels of regenerative braking
  • 3-driving modes
  • Theft warning alerts
  • Active brake assist
  • Cross wind assist
  • Attention assist
  • Hill start assist