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Flexible, Efficient & Reliable

Peugeot offers a huge range of options; whether for the transport of small goods or long distance heavy load deliveries, they have you covered.

They have built more than 1.8 million vans since 1950, and therefore have extensive knowledge in the design and manufacture of practical, good quality vehicles, packed with helpful features and reliable efficient engines.

Why Lease A Peugeot Van?

Peugeot have perfected the formula that makes for an excellent van: Capability, versatility, ruggedness, low running costs and most importantly, affordability.

And there are other reasons you should consider leasing a Peugeot van for your business needs. These include:


Practicality comes in many forms and is very much subjective to the individual. However, that does not stop Peugeot from trying to cover all angles. The smallest van in their range can accommodate two Euro pallets, while their largest boasts one of the highest payload ratings in its class, and their mid size range van offers three body lengths and a choice of four engine outputs.

Combine practicality with superbly efficient engines throughout the range and you have yourself a winning formula!

Engine Efficiency & Low Emissions

With engines there are three factors to consider:

  • Emissions
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Power (torque)

Find an engine that meets two of these three criteria and you are doing well, but achieving all three is a major accomplishment. Yet that is exactly what Peugeot has done.

Squeezing as much power as possible out of the engine in a fully laden situation makes for a safer driving experience, yet Peugeot have at the same time maintained engine efficiency with reduced CO2 level emissions, resulting in a clean running engine that is better for the atmosphere.

Ultimately this translates to cheaper running costs in a vehicle capable of safely transporting cargo at full capacity, while also being environmentally greener.

Comfort & Driveability

It is no secret that nowadays van manufacturers are dedicating more time to improving the comfort and driveability of their vehicles. Since van drivers spend several hours a day in their vehicles, a good driving experience is crucial, as it reduces stress on the job.

Modifications for improved van comfort and driveability include smoother and quieter running characteristics, more responsive handling, and tighter turning circles for greater manoeuvrability.

Technology plays a big role in providing added comfort, stress reduction and improved driver safety. Let’s take a look at what Peugeot offers in this domain:

  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Take a break alerts
  • Active safety brake
  • Adaptive cruise control (automatic stop and go function)
  • Lane-departure warning
  • Grip Control electronic traction control
  • Hill Descent Control
  • Blindspot monitoring
  • Overload indicator

Active Brake Assist

Designed to warn drivers of oncoming dangers and automatically apply the brake, this system extends to recognising and braking for pedestrians.

Active Distance Assist Distronic

A feature to prevent tailgating. It slows down (or even speeds up) your van in order to keep a safe distance from other vehicles.

Crosswind Assist

A particularly handy feature for larger vans, which otherwise can act like a sail in crosswinds. Designed to ensure your van remains in its lane when a sudden gust of wind takes you by surprise, this advanced system works by gently applying the brake to individual wheels, quickly stabilising your vehicle at highway speeds.

Active Lane Keeping Assist

Multifunctional cameras are used to recognise unintentional drifting out of lanes. The system uses visual and audio cues when your van starts to drift.

Load-Adaptive Electronic Stability Program

ESP works on a similar premise to Crosswind Assist, but instead prevents wheelspin, understeering and oversteering. It does this by braking individual wheels and reducing engine power to stablise your van.

Traffic Sign Assist

An onboard camera provides the driver with additional information on speed limits, no entry areas and no entry signs.

Recent Awards

Awards do not necessarily reflect a van’s capability, nor mean you will like a particular model. They are however indicative of recognition by independent bodies that pass judgement on a vehicle’s capabilities.

With escalating consumer expectations, and rival manufacturers constantly competing to claim their larger share of the market, winning a few awards can only be a good sign.

Here are some recent awards won by the Peugeot van range:

Parkers Small Van of the Year 2021
Van Fleet World ‘Compact High-Cube Van of the Year’ 2021

WhatCar? Medium Van – Best for Practicality 2022
WhatCar? Medium Van – Best for Practicality 2021

WhatCar? Large Van – Best for Practicality 2021

Quick Recap

See below for specifications of the individual models in their commercial vehicle range available for a Peugeot van lease. If you find a model that appeals, you can quickly generate your own personalised quote – or click the “call me back” button for us to get in touch.