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Renault Vans For Business Users

Renault have been making vans for years and they’ve got all bases covered with the Kangoo,Trafic and Master vans.  Each model in the Renault range is incredibly versatile so you should be able to find a suitable van in any size, from the small Kangoo to the long wheelbase Trafic or even a Master box van.

How to get the best Renault van leasing deals

All Renault vans have durable interiors, good engines and make for practical vans that you can depend on. In addition to the vehicles themselves, an emphasis on quality of service is one of Renault’s priorities and this will become one of their strongest points for competing in to the future. Renault vans come with good manufacturer warranties which makes for a sensible choice with excellent service.

Lease purchase and contract hire finance options are worth considering as well as basic Renault van leasing. Like our other vans, it’s possible to buy your van at the end of the lease or bundle together additional services in to a personal finance package.

To start your leasing process

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You can easily generate your own tailored Renault van leasing quote in three simple steps. Start by clicking the ‘create a quote button’ at the top of the screen. Once you’ve chosen your perfect van, you can go on to complete our quick application form.

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Not sure if you qualify for van leasing? No problem, start by selecting the ‘approve me’ button at the top of the screen and find out in an instant if you’re eligible for business van leasing.

Option 3
Simply request a call back and one of our dedicated leasing experts will be in touch to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you have.

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Clever Yet Simple Practicality

Renault love to provide vans with incredible practicality that make your business day easier and more efficient. Their clever yet simple designs could be enough to choose the Renault leasing route over any other manufacturer. We take a look at what some of these features are:

Roof Storage: Roof bars or steel roof racks for loading up to an extra 200Kg

Rear Doors: Rear swinging doors that can swing up to 270° and be held against the side of the van through magnets. This allows for complete aperture access to the rear of the van.

Interior Rack: Some models are fitted with an interior rack where awkward loads such as piping can be stored allowing for more efficient storage at ground level.

Mid Height Trim: Effectively protect your cargo area, an essential feature to have when leasing a van and having to return it back in good condition.

Mobile Office On Wheels

Regardless of whether you are leasing, buying or renting, picking the right van for your business is vital, period. Small businesses or sole traders often find that it is a difficult juggling act to provide a service while also running the actual business itself. Having your office inside your van can save precious hours, allowing you to check emails or take phone calls in between jobs and not loose any potential business.
Renault have clearly foreseen the importance of this and designed the interior of their cabs with this in mind.

Central Column: The central column between the two seats can be brought up to access your laptop. This compartment also acts as a docking station where you can do your office work.

Cup Holder: As cliché as this may sound, having a place to put your cup of coffee somewhere safe is essential to get your day started/

Smartphone Dock: A dash board docking station for your mobile phone allowing for hands-free calls while on the go.

Comfortable Seats: Not only are the seats on the Renault designed to be comfortable for long sustained driving, the idea is for them to be comfortable while using the cab as an office too.

Clip Holder: A safe place to have your paper work held which can also be read at sitting height.