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Volkswagen Amarok

Double Cab Highline 3.0 V6 TDI 204 Bluemotion

From £462 +VAT

Volkswagen Amarok

Double Cab Trendline 3.0 V6 TDI 163 Bluemotion

From £401 +VAT

Volkswagen Amarok

Double Cab Highline 3.0 V6 TDI 258 Bluemotion

From £430 +VAT

Why Lease The Volkswagen Amarok?

The Amarok is VW’s flagship pickup truck. It was born in the mountains of South America and is a true off road vehicle, capable of overcoming the most severe terrain. More refined than many other pickup trucks, the Amarok is comfy, beautifully designed with bold lines and more enjoyable to drive, particularly due to its imposing ride height.

More Reasons To Lease The VW Amarok?

  • Build to last cabin materials
  • 36.4mpg fuel economy
  • Sub-200g/km CO2 emissions
  • Adjustable steering wheel
  • High driving position

Engine, Fuel and Emissions

Image of VW Amarok pickup 2.0l engine
The Power of Amarok – 2.0l TSI Petrol Engine

A VW Amarok lease comes with one of two engine options, both are 2.0 litre turbo diesel engines with power outputs of 140ps or 180ps. BlueMotion technology is optional for reducing fuel consumption which makes Volkswagen Amarok leasing more economical than ever before.
Permanent 4MOTION® four wheel drive gives you optimum off road traction but Selectable allows for better economy if you’re spending a lot of time on normal roads. A wading depth of up to 500mm lets the Amarok go through small fords with ease, and roads with a lateral tilt of 50˚can be handled too, a true testament to German engineering, combining both off and on-road use into one.

Volkswagen has, as always considered the user in mind, with a step incorporated in the rear tray, allowing you to leap over to your load with minimum effort.

The Amarok’s Load Carrying Ability

Internal image of Volkswagen Panel van
Internal Load Carrying Capacity for Volkswagen Caddy

Load carrying and long hauling is a breeze for the Amarok and the cargo area is the best in class at 2.5 square metres, bridging the gap between a van and a pure off road vehicle, particularly when it is currently the only pickup that can hold a full size pallet between its wheel arches. An Electronic Stabilisation Programme, Hill Hold Assist, Hill Descent Control, off road ABS and Trailer Stability Control all improve the versatility and safety of this truck when carrying payloads of up to 1,145kg.

Arriving Safely and In Style

VW Amarok parked on rough terrain
Stylish, Robust & Practical – Volkswagen Amarok

Pickups had been absent from the Volkswagen range for some time, and it is only relatively recently that the Amarok was introduced to the market. A lot of thinking has been put into this vehicle, making it truly multipurpose. Not only can it act as a working vehicle able to handle a Euro pallet sideways (between the wheel arches), but it can also double up as a family car thanks to its four door double cab with five seats. In the back there is more than enough space for adults and for those toddlers, Volkswagen has incorporated the international standard ISOFIX fixture points for child safety seats.
Moving to the front of the pickup, you will find the finish to be of a very high standard which is expected by Volkswagen. The Amarok comes with large door bins able to hold 2.0l water bottles, central cup holders, spacious glove box and three plug sockets, handy if your phone and children’s entertainment systems run flat at the same time.
Driving visibility is superb thanks to its high riding position and height adjustable seats, which are also very comfortable with decent lumbar support preventing back pains during long haul driving. This pickup is primarily designed for off-road driving with its four wheel drive system and low down torque, however, it also does surprisingly well on the road with its responsive steering and secure handling.

There are three versions of the Amarok and these are:

Base Version

  • Vertical-adjustable front seats
  • Manual windows
  • Manual door locking
  • Manual door mirror adjustment

Trendline Version

The Trendline is an upgrade over the Base model and includes

  • Electronically locking doors
  • Electrical windows
  • Electrical door mirrors
  • Radio
  • Front Fog Lights
  • Cruise Control
  • Climate Control

Highline Version

What the Highline has over the Tredline

  • Chrome door mirrors
  • Chrome radiators grille
  • Chrome rear bumper
  • Alloy wheels
  • Automatic climate control
  • Leather fabric / seating in interior

What You Actually Get