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Volkswagen Caddy

C20 Petrol 1.0 TSI BlueMotion Tech 102PS Startline Business

From £219 +VAT

Volkswagen Caddy

C20 2.0 TDI BlueMotion Tech 102PS + Startline

From £220 +VAT

Volkswagen Caddy

C20 2.0 TDI BlueMotion Tech 102PS Startline

From £221 +VAT

Volkswagen Caddy

Maxi C20 Petrol 1.0 TSI BlueMotion Tech 102PS Startline

From £223 +VAT

Volkswagen Caddy

C20 2.0 TDI BlueMotion Tech 102PS Startline Business

From £230 +VAT

Volkswagen Caddy

Maxi C20 2.0 TDI BlueMotion Tech 102PS Startline

From £232 +VAT

Volkswagen Caddy

C20 2.0 TDI BlueMotion Tech 102PS Trendline

From £234 +VAT

Volkswagen Caddy

Maxi C20 Petrol 1.0 TSI 102PS Kombi Business

From £238 +VAT

Volkswagen Caddy

Maxi C20 2.0 TDI BlueMotion Tech 102PS Startline Business

From £242 +VAT

Volkswagen Caddy

Maxi C20 2.0 TDI 102PS Kombi Business

From £244 +VAT

Volkswagen Caddy

C20 2.0 TDI BlueMotion Tech 102PS Highline Nav

From £254 +VAT

Volkswagen Caddy

Maxi C20 2.0 TDI BlueMotion Tech 102PS Highline Nav

From £260 +VAT

Why Lease The Volkswagen Caddy?

The popular Caddy has served VW since 1978, won numerous awards from commercial vehicle magazines, and is Volkswagen’s second best-selling van in the UK behind the VW Transporter. It retains the traditional VW look of the car range making it more stylish and appealing to the eyes. This car like performance is thanks to its solid build quality that assists in wind and road noise reduction into the cab that most vans suffer from. Being only slightly bigger than a car, the Caddy fits into the smaller end of the van market, making it the perfect van for cramped urban conditions. Another car like qualities included the dashboard, practical uncluttered interior and front seats offering good lumbar support for those long journeys

The new Caddy is stylish looking but boxy, and boxy is good when it comes to a van, not only in terms of the optimum load space on the inside but also for those decals that will be marketing your business for years to come. These simple lines allow for easy application/removal of vinyls without any awkward fancy shapes to work around and no distortion to branding such as your logo.

More Reasons To Lease The VW Caddy?

  • Multi-functional steering wheel
  • 5.0″ touchscreen
  • Digital speedo
  • Cruise control
  • Fits Euro pallet length ways (with space to spare)
  • 6-8 lashing rings
  • Bulkhead Noise Reduction
  • 55.4 miles to the gallon (NEDC)


Engine, Fuel and Emissions

Image of VW Caddy van engine
Just One Of Caddy’s Super Efficient Engines

The Caddy comes with a choice of two different diesel engine types with varying power outputs. The 1.6 TDI with either 75 or 102 PS (BlueMotion version comes with 75, 102 & 140 PS) and 2.0 TDI with either 110 or 140 PS.

The next generation TDI engines come with EU6 as standard, which includes BlueMotion and start / stop technology. As a result, the Caddy’s most efficient TDI engine has a CO2 emission of 114g/Km and an mpg of 65.7, making it truly one of the most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly engine in its class. And for those petrol lovers, three petrol engines (1.0, 1.2 and 1.4-litre) will join the 1.6 and 2-litre diesel family, available for order.

The Caddy’s Load Carrying Ability

Internal image of Volkswagen Panel van
Internal Load Carrying Capacity for Volkswagen Caddy

The standard cargo capacity of the Caddy van is 3.2 cubic metres (1780mm x 1558mm x 1257mm high), though the width narrows to 1170 between the wheel arches. However, even with the restricted wheel arch width that comes with any van, the VW Caddy is still capable of handling a Euro pallet length ways and then some. The VW team have taken it even further with some ingenious engineering to provide even more space of up to 3m in length. This is achieved by a clever mechanism that collapses the passenger seat downward to cabin level allowing for even more storage, especially for those awkward pieces like long planks of wood.

Access is good for easy loading and offloading of up to a maximum payload of 767Kg, thanks to the low floor, 1181mm rear opening & side access door making opting for a VW Caddy van lease an even better choice for delivering goods in crowded towns and city centres

The hard wearing rubber covering protects the van floor from any damage while reducing noise into the cabin area. The Caddy has also been fitted with a plastic factory bulkhead that further reduces intruding noise, making it one of the most quiet and comfortable vans to drive in its class.

Arriving Safely and In Style

VW Caddy parked in forest
Stylish, Practical & Safe – Volkswagen Caddy

The fourth generation Caddy has now rolled out with a series of even more active safety features, including the all new City Emergency Braking (part of VW’s Front Assist Monitoring System) that automatically applies the brakes when detecting obstacles straight ahead in urban driving situations below 30mph.

As standard the Caddy is now fitted with side and curtain airbags that protect the driver and passengers from all directions and not just the front (especially important considering accident impacts can come from all directions). Also as standard is Post-Collision Braking System, a feature that is designed to minimise the severity of subsequent collisions after the initial collision takes place. This is achieved by the system automatically applying the brakes after the initial collision occurs. As an optional extra Volkswagen has the Driver Alert System that has been designed to recognise the driving behaviours that indicate tiredness. When those behaviours are detected, the system will alert the driver with both visual and audio signals to recommend you take that well deserved break.

Further optional extra equipment the VW Caddy offers includes:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control (up to 100mph)
  • Heated Windscreen
  • Park Assist
  • Reversing Camera


What You Actually Get


How To Start a VW Caddy Lease?

Volkswagen Caddy van leasing is not only great value, but the vehicles are excellent and one of the most popular LGV models in Britain. In fact, according to statistics shown by statista, the Caddy grew from 15,917 registered vehicles in 2000, to a whopping 94,720 in 2014 and continues to grow in popularity. The rise in the regard in with which it’s held reflects VW’s engineering and reliability, giving you the perfect opportunity of obtaining this vehicle at a fixed low-cost monthly rate that suits you, delivered straight to your door, free of charge.

To get a Volkswagen Caddy lease, you first need to select which finance package you would like. If this is your first time leasing a VW Caddy for your business, it can be a little tricky deciding, which is why we have our dedicated staff on hand waiting to answer any of your questions. Give us a call or request we call back and we will get in touch as soon as possible getting you on your way to having your VW Caddy lease.