Van Leasing Review :

The VW Transporter

Carol discovers why the Volkswagen Transporter is one of the most popular van leasing deals available today.

Volkswagen Van Lease Review

Released in its newly upgraded form in 2010, the new VW Transporter is a major revamp of the last 2003 model. It’s had a facelift to give it both a sporty and premium feel, has new class-leading diesel engines and has a range of new features including Bluetooth connectivity, enhanced safety and VW’s patented 4motion 4x4 technology.

So what’s not to like about the VW Transporter? And could it be the perfect van lease for your business?

Size Matters

The Transporter range is both vast and flexible with 2 wheelbase, 3 roof height and 4 gross vehicle weight options. The short wheelbase load length is 2.57metres with the long wheelbase coming in at 2.97 metres. The standard roof height is 1.41metres with the medium coming in at 1.62metres and the high at 1.94metres. All this gives the Transporter load volumes between 5.8-9.3 m3 and a payload of between 729-1333kg - with this kind of flexibility you can configure your Transporter van to perfectly suit your load requirements.

The Transporter is a breeze when it comes to loading an unloading. The rear doors open fully, which offers easy access to the load area. 4 tie-down points also come as standard with the option of adding more if necessary.

Creature Comforts

If you’ve driven a Transporter in the past then the layout in the cab will seem pretty familiar but there have been some significant changes and additions also. In general everything seems to be more refined and upmarket – what you might expect to find in the VW car range. New features and additions include Bluetooth integration and a new and improved CD stereo system. The list of optional extras available on the Transporter is almost endless and some of these great features come as standard on certain models. These include air conditioning, leather trim, satellite navigation, electric windows and a fixed bulkhead.

Comfort in the cab is fantastic and perfect even for long journeys - especially for the driver with the driver seat adjustable for height, lumbar, reach and rake.

Safety and Security is also greatly improved and you’d be hard pushed to find so many features in any other van on the market. Here are just a few: Remote Central Locking, Deadlocks, Immobiliser, Lane Change Assist, Electronic Stability Programme, ABS, Traction Control, Hill-hold Control, Airbags and Automatic Hazards (that are triggered under heavy braking).

On the Road

If you’re looking for a smooth ride then you’re not going to get much better than this. The Transporter handles brilliantly for a van of its size and smoothes over bumps and potholes almost like they weren’t even there!

The class-leading new engines are quieter, more refined and more fuel-efficient than their predecessors. There’s plenty of choice here too with 4 different power outputs ranging from 84bhp to a turbo-charged 180bhp version. The 84 and 102bhp versions come with a 5-speed gearbox and a nice spread of power through the gears. You can sit as low as 35mph comfortably in 5th gear and still have plenty of pulling power – making it pretty nippy around town. These power outputs can be a bit sluggish between 55-75mph, which is where the more powerful 140bhp and turbo-charged 180bhp engines really shine. These more powerful options come with a 6-speed gearbox, VW’s patented 4motion 4x4 technology and achieve almost identical mpg stats.

The Verdict

So, is the Volkswagen Transporter the perfect van lease or van contract hire deal for you? I think the answer has to be a pretty resounding YES! The new Transporter is more refined than its predecessor, is more efficient, more powerful, handles better and offers even better safety and security features. But it’s not only better than the old Transporter – it’s actually better than most other vehicles in its class! If you need one more positive point then you’ll be happy to know that Volkswagen vans hold their residual value better than most – giving you a real asset if you decide to keep your van at the end of a van leasing agreement.

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