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Can I get a lease van with bad credit?

At VanLeasing.com, we firmly believe that your credit score shouldn’t stand in the way of a brighter business future. The simple answer is yes, you can lease a van with bad credit. We understand that life can throw unexpected challenges at you, resulting in a less-than-perfect credit history. That’s why we specialise in bad credit van leasing, offering you the opportunity to drive the van you need, even if your credit score isn’t flawless. Below you will find the answer to some of the most common questions we get asked about a bad credit van lease:

Can I lease a van with a County Court Judgement (CCJ)?

We have a strong track record of assisting individuals with CCJs in securing a new van. Our dedicated team will work with you to find the best solution tailored to your unique situation, making your CCJ history a minor bump on your journey to a new van.

What credit score do I need to lease a van?

Unlike some other leasing companies, VanLeasing.com doesn’t rely solely on your credit score to determine your eligibility. We understand that life is complex, and a single number doesn’t define your financial responsibility. Our flexible approach means we consider a variety of factors when assessing your application. While a better credit score can lead to more favorable terms, we’re here to work with you, no matter where your credit score stands.

What is an affordability check for a van lease?

An affordability check is a critical step in our leasing process. Unlike a traditional credit check, which focuses solely on your credit history, an affordability check considers your current financial situation. We want to ensure that your monthly lease payments are manageable, regardless of your credit score. Our goal is to make your van leasing experience not only attainable but also sustainable.

How big a deposit will I need to lease a van with bad credit?

We often get asked about the deposit required when leasing a van with a less-than-perfect credit history. The first thing to understand is that understand that the term ‘deposit’ is not an accurate way of describing the upfront payment on a lease, because the payment is non-refundable at the end of the contract term. For the purposes of accuracy we always refer to this upfront payment as an Initial Rental. Whilst every lease is different – depending on both the cost of the van itself and the contract type – we typically recommend having a minimum Initial Rental of £1,800 – £2,000 (+VAT) to secure your new van.

In conclusion, at VanLeasing.com, we pride ourselves on being your trusted partner on the road to a new van, regardless of your credit rating. We understand that life is full of twists and turns, and we’re here to help you navigate them. Your journey begins here, where your credit score doesn’t define your future. Unlock your path to a brighter, more mobile tomorrow with VanLeasing.com.