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Ford Ranger Pickup Lease Deals

This is the true equivalent of having a vehicle that performs like a car (with off-road capabilities) while also having an almost comparable load space to a medium sized van.

If you are looking for a vehicle where you can load and unload materials without the risk of damaging them (thanks to an open bed), then the Ranger is definitely a worthy contender.

The added benefits this workhorse brings are its ability to plough through rugged terrain with ease and its incredible towing capacity of 3,500 Kg (which surpasses any van). Just imagine how much cargo can be towed with a trailer!

Why Lease A Ranger For Your Business?

First off, the Ranger has been the UK’s top selling pickup truck for many years running and still remains that way. With Ford releasing a new trim level this year, we can only expect this trend to continue. The wide range and availability of trims is what makes this vehicle so popular with the people.

It’s likely you’ve seen the double chasis cab on the roads, but some may be suprised to discover that Ford also stock a single cab option for those who require a longer load-bed for even more business practicality.

If lack of safety is a deal breaker, then you will be glad to know that this stunning vehicle boasts an impressive safety record. It received five-star Euro NCAP rating both in 2022 and 2023. So, not only does it look stunning, it has multiple trim options and your driving experience is further enhanced by its safety record.

Ford Ranger Pickup Features & Specifications

  • Max towing capacity: 3500 kg
  • Max gross payload: 1252 kg
  • Max GVM: 3270 kg
  • Engine & fuel type: 2.0 / 3.0 litre Ecoblue & 3.0 EcoBoost turbo diesel
  • Wading depth: 800mm
  • Transmission: 10 speed automatic (real time adaptive shift scheduling)
  • Trailer sway control (prevent snaking)
  • Selectable 4 wheel drive (can shift to 2WD)
  • Enhanced active park assist
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Parking sensors

High Spec Trim Options

If you like the Ranger pickup but are a little overwhelmed with the array of trim options, then we are here to help break things down, provide you with all the relevant information, and give you a more informative choice.

  • Ranger XL – A well equipped truck for entry level users. It comes with a Rear View Camera Preparation Kit and plenty of safety features including, Collision Mitigation System 2, Drivers Knee Airbag, EPS+, Lane Keeping Aid, Adaptive Speed Control, and a Thatcham Alarm for security.
  • Ranger XLT – Think the XL but better. The XLT comes with 16″ alloy wheels and A/S Tyres, 6 speakers (as opposed to two), Dual Power Fold Door Mirrors-Heated, Air Conditioning, and stylish touches that add a touch of elegance and sophistication.
  • Ranger Wildtrak – Has updated external bodywork such as side rails, roll-over bar, and 18″ alloys. The cab has also been upgraded with an 8 Way Driver Seat Adjuster, Electric Windshield Defroster, 12-inch display, and Side Curtain Airbags.
  • Ranger Platinium – Think Wildtrak but with even more luxury touches, such as 10 Way Power Drvr+Passenger Seats+Memry and Rear1 Shot Up Down Window.
  • Ranger Raptor – The high-end premium model is designed specifically for off-road performance and comes equipped with a range of specialised features and enhancements. It features a powerful engine, upgraded suspension, all-terrain tires, advanced off-road technologies, and a sporty interior.

If you are still struggling to make an informed decision, our team is here to help! No question is too small, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will provide a helping hand through every step!

Why Consider Leasing As An Option?

Leasing a Ford Ranger offers several advantages that make it an appealing choice for business needs while also effortlessly fitting into family life.

By leasing, you can enjoy the benefits of driving a brand-new vehicle with the latest features and technology. Leasing also provides affordability through fixed monthly payments, making it easier to manage your budget. Additionally, you get flexibility in terms of lease duration and mileage options, allowing you to customise the lease to your specific needs.

Another compelling reason to choose leasing is affordability. Instead of making a large upfront payment associated with purchasing a vehicle, leasing enables you to pay fixed monthly installments, making budgeting more manageable (and you don’t have to worry about vehicle depreciation). This can be particularly beneficial for businesses that want to optimise cash flow or individuals who prefer predictable monthly expenses.

Overall, leasing a Ford Ranger provides a practical and hassle-free way to experience a new vehicle without the long-term commitment and potential financial risks of ownership.

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