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Renault Kangoo
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Renault Master
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Renault Trafic
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Built for Business

Renault has been manufacturing cars since 1899 and, having shortly thereafter successfully branched out into van production, is now one of the top providers of commercial vehicles in Europe.

Renault has all bases covered with a three model range:

Since each model in the Renault range is incredibly versatile, finding a van to suit your specific business requirements, however large or small, will not pose a problem.

For example the Kangoo, the smallest van in the range, comes in two sizes, and even though competitors do likewise, not all have the flexibility of a fold down passenger seat that provides extra cargo room of up to 0.7 cu.m.

The Trafic, which is Renault’s mid size van, comes in 2 lengths and also 2 heights, providing multiple choices in payload and volume according to your priorities.

Finally the Renault Master which, with 4 different lengths and 3 alternative heights on offer plus a choice of front or rear wheel-drive, provides an incredible choice of 10 different cargo capacities, easily the widest range in the market.

Why Lease A Renault Vehicle?

Renault aim to incorporate practicality into their vans, making your business day easier and more efficient. The term “every little helps” rings true here and can make the difference between having a hard day or a good day.

Addressing some of these simple yet clever features you can incorporate in your Renault van:

  • Roof bars for increased load capacity (up to 200kg)
  • Rear steel ladder for easy roof access
  • LED light bar inside load area for better visual of your cargo
  • Hatch in bulkhead allowing for increased load length
  • Interior rack system (available on some models) that allows for storing awkward items to maximum ground level cargo.

Powerful, Efficient & Environmentally Friendly Engines

It is impressive that Renault has managed to revamp its engines to produce more power and torque, while also offering greater fuel efficiency and meeting the stricter Euro 6D emission standards.

For example, in the Master range, all engines have been completely revamped to offer increased power (up to 180bhp) and more torque (up to 400Nm), affording extra acceleration and instant pull for a more dynamic driving experience, which in turn provides more enjoyable and safer driving characteristics, particularly with a full load.

Remarkably this increase in power and torque is accompanied by a 13% reduction in fuel consumption and reduced C02 emission. As a further contribution to the environment, Renault has introduced its Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system, that transforms pollutant emissions from Diesel engines, such as nitrogen oxide into harmless gases.​

Technological Achievements

Driver assistance equipment is paramount, allowing you to drive with complete peace of mind. Not long ago getting ESP on a van was a breakthrough, but times have changed with ever more sophisticated technology incorporated, offering added safety for drivers, passengers, pedestrians and drivers of other vehicles.

The advanced features Renault offers to improve safety, comfort and peace of mind include:

  • Blind spot warning
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Lane departure warning
  • Active emergency brake system
  • Side wind assist
  • Permanent rear view digital interior mirror
  • Front parking sensors

Quick Recap

Using the information above to select a model, find out more about our Renault van leasing deals, or generate your personalised quote today. Our personalised quote system allows you to generate prices for a business contract based on your individual mileage and contract requirements, all prices being quoted exclusive of VAT, as is clearly indicated. If you can’t see exactly what you’re looking for or would like some more information, Contact Us and we will be more than happy to answer any of your Renault lease questions.