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Who is it for and how does it work?

Do you need a van for your small or new business, but you’re not quite sure how long you need it for? Are you waiting on delivery of your new van, and need something to tide you over? Does your new employee need a van but only on a short-term basis? Does your business have seasonal peaks and do you need a van to see you through that? Or, do you simply just want to dip your toe into van leasing to see if it works for your business? This by no means covers every scenario, but if any of this sounds familiar to you then you’ve probably landed in the right place because short-term van leasing is all about flexibility.

We know that you need a van to make a living, but we also know that not everyone wants the long-term commitment of a standard 2-5 year van leasing term. It can be tough running a small business, juggling all the costs and financial commitments, whilst making sure you’ve got the best tools for doing the job. We know having the right transport is one of your most important assets – but we also know it’s a big financial investment and that one size doesn’t fit all. 

For most businesses, van leasing means signing up to a contract that lasts a few years and whilst leasing is great, this length of the agreement simply doesn’t always suit everyone. With a record number of start-up businesses and the need for more flexibility, we know that short-term van leasing will play an important part in the success of many small businesses of the future. With options designed to allow a fixed rate of monthly payments over terms even as short as 84 days, and as long as 18 months, businesses can be far more flexible and manage their peaks and troughs more effectively.

The good news is that you still get to drive around in a brand new reliable van, and we know how important that is! And just because it’s a short-term van lease you can still make the van your own. We encourage our customers to get their all-important branding on the van, it is your best advertising asset after all – and to customise with racking and storage kit as required. 

We know it often comes down to budget and you’ll know what you have to spend on your van each month. If a short-term contract works out slightly more expensive, it might be that it’s still the most suitable option for you given how flexible it is. At www.vanleasing.com our approach is simply to take each customer as they come, working with you to find the right van at the right budget on the right contract length to suit your business.



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