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New Business Van Leasing Deals

At Van Leasing, we offer a diverse selection of lease options, ensuring vehicle availability and plenty of choice. Commercial vehicles are the backbone of British businesses, and whatever your venture, you need one to ensure your service thrives.

Whatever your trade and reasons for needing a new vehicle, we most certainly have the manufacturer and model you are looking for.

Explore our diverse van models below and discover the latest business lease deals on the market!

Are you a small or new business looking to lease a van?

Business registrations are increasing all the time, with more people embarking on the exciting journey of going self-employed. For most, a vehicle is an essential asset to fulfill their business purposes and become successful. This leaves many with the question – can I lease a van for business purposes, particularly if I am just starting out?

Here’s the good news – yes you can! At www.vanleasing.com our team are experts at helping new and small businesses get on the road with a brand new van at competitive rates. From Mercedes and Volkswagens through to Fords, Citroens, and Renaults, every single manufacturer and model range has something unique and exciting to offer drivers and UK business owners.

With over 30 years experience, we’ve developed solid relationships with commercial vehicle manufacturers. So, no matter if you’re confused about the variety of available engine types, the various van size options, or even the duration of a finance lease, we’ll provide a helping hand through every step of the process.

Our goal is to find our customers the right commercial vehicle and finance package without the hassle!

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How does business van leasing work?

Whatever your trade, we know having the right van, pickup truck, or tipper for your fleet is one of your most important assets. It not only gets you around, but it carries your tools and keeps them safe. It might even be where you eat your lunch!

It’s your mobile office and your local advertising unit for promoting your products and services. So all businesses, large or small, new or old, need the right vehicle with the right specifications.

We also know it’s an expensive outlay, and for many, buying a van outright with the latest technology simply isn’t an option. That’s where the advantages of business vehicle leasing offers come in.

Whether you’re an established business trying out leasing for the first time, or a new start-up business, you’ll probably want to know more about the way leasing works, how to get the best lease deals, and how it may be the right choice for you:

With leasing, you’ll get a new van which you’ll pay a fixed monthly amount for. The price of your leased vehicle will be determined by a number of factors including mileage and contract length. Contracts generally last anywhere from 3 to 5 years, or shorter-term agreements are available too if that suits your business more. After an initial payment at the start of the contract, it’s just making sure the agreed lease payments are paid in full every month until the end of your contract.

OK, so that all sounds really simple, and it is – but there are a few other requirements you should know before collection.

Leasing companies want to know that you can pay regularly and on time. This is subject to an application process that involves a credit check, both on the company and often (but not always) on you as a company director. The credit criteria applied will depend on the finance company approached for your new van. If you are unsure of your credit score, you can use free tools made available by ClearScore, Experian, and others to check.

So some questions about your financial history will be asked. Start-ups and new businesses often find this isn’t quite as straightforward as for a well-established business with years of trading history under their belt.

Whilst many leasing companies are unable or unwilling to deal with newly incorporated limited companies or self-employed sole traders, we take a different approach. We work with you by offering a unique experience and can also help with general information about what lenders look for when applying for a new van for your business.

We build trust and assign a dedicated leasing advisor who will take the time to get to know your circumstances. Yes, you will likely be asked to share some additional information, but we review each case individually to offer personalised advice and help companies get off the ground with an affordable leasing option tailored to their budget. We don’t want to offer just any deals, we want to offer the best van lease deals based on your requirements.

We are asked all the time – what is better, buying or leasing a van? The truth is, it all comes down to your own personal circumstances and one size doesn’t fit all. For some, they like to know they have outright ownership and that it’s all bought and paid for. Others, enjoy the regular fixed monthly cost and the knowledge that they are driving a new, modern van without the worry of the costs associated with maintenance and value depreciation.


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