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Fiat Ducato
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Renowned for their dependability

Fiat began production of light commercial vehicles back in 1903. The 24 Horse Power (reflecting the engine’s output) was the same size as present-day vehicles, with a wooden flatbed that could carry up to 4 tonnes. The vehicle was so impressive for its time that even the Armed Forces showed an interest.

Fast forward 120 years and Fiat is still going strong, building multitasking vans that are reliable, versatile and jam-packed with technology and driving assistance aids. 

Why Lease A Fiat Van?

Fiat commercial vans are designed to tackle your work requirements, transporting goods and passengers safely and with ease. From body size variety to versatile load capacity, Fiat vans offer optimum solutions at affordable prices to meet your business needs.

The Fiat range offers solid vehicles that get you to your destination safely and in style. With a growing percentage share of the UK market for commercial vehicles, Fiat ‘s popularity shows a steady increase.

The Fiat models we have available for lease include:

Consider some other reasons for choosing a Fiat van to fulfil your business requirements.

Engine Performance & Driveability 

Fiat commercial vans are renowned for their low running costs on account of their efficient engines. Further, the ability to improve performance and driveability, while at the same time offering cleaner fuel combustion, lets Fiat engines stand out from those of its competitors. This is made possible by their MultiJet system using sophisticated technology, such as Variable Geometry Turbochargers and Common Rail Direct Injectors.

  • Variable Geometry Turbocharger 

Designed to allow effective aspect ratio to be altered as engine conditions change. These turbochargers allow sufficient air to enter the engine at lower speeds and greatly reduce turbo lag for a much improved driving experience.

  • Common Rail Direct Injection
    Older diesel fuel injection systems are cam driven, meaning the injection pressure of fuel depends on the speed of the engine. Therefore, at lower speeds, the fuel injected will be at a lower pressure and therefore less atomised, resulting in inefficient combustion. The CRDI system eliminates this by providing a constant high pressure to the injectors, resulting in complete combustion, a more efficient running engine and a reduction in noise. In other words a quieter running engine, more comfortable drive and better fuel economy.

Comfort & Technological Advancements  

In addition to more refined engines for a better driving experience, Fiat has addressed the issue of cab interiors for improved driver comfort. It is self-evident that anyone who spends the bulk of their working day driving a vehicle merits an environment that minimises stress, and Fiat hasn’t fainted in this particular area. 

Below are a few features the design team has implemented in pursuit of improved comfort and stress reduction:

  • Ergonomic steering wheel
  • Adjustable steering wheel positioning
  • Adjustable seat positioning
  • Keyless entry & go
  • Eat & work seat bench
  • Maximised readability of instrument panel
  • Improved acoustic comfort for reduced noise levels
  • Spacious compartments with enhanced reachability

Peace of mind while driving is another form of comfort. Commercial vehicles spend a lot of time on the road, and because of their size and mass, pose a greater hazard to smaller vehicles and pedestrians if involved in a collision. 

Due to concerns expressed by Euro NCAP on the safety aspects of some commercial vans, Fiat stepped up to the plate with a view to making their new van range even safer. For example, the new Ducato claimed top spot with an overall score of 88% after a major safety make-over, which included the addition of an advanced sensor designed to protect pedestrians and cyclists, resulting in a higher Euro NCAP medal position than its siblings that share the same platform. 

Some other safety features that Fiat have incorporated in their vehicles include:

  • Adaptive cruise control (with stop & go function)
  • Lane control system
  • AEB control function (track pedestrians and cyclists)
  • Cross wind assist 
  • Trailer stability control
  • Autonomous post collision braking 
  • Traction+ (improved grip)

Quick Recap  

Fiat van leasing provides the reliability of this truly iconic Italian manufacturer at a fixed low-cost monthly rate, delivered free of charge right to your door. If you are not sure which package to opt for, we have available plenty of information on contract hire and finance lease, since we want potential customers to have access to optimum level of quality and performance when it comes to their working vehicle. 

Even if you are a new business we can help, and at www.vanleasing.com all of our Fiat lease options are competitive and flexible. If you would simply like to talk to someone to discuss your options, Contact Us now and one of our friendly advisors will give you a call.