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Pickup leasing explained

When we think of a pickup truck we no longer only think about a rugged work van. Today we see a vehicle that is as much at home being a family SUV as it is at taking on heavy duty commercial jobs. You only need to look at roads and you’ll notice more pickup trucks in action,  but why the increase in popularity? We think it’s a combination of things – it’s a surprisingly luxurious vehicle, offering a robust driving experience, with an impressive level of flexibility. This makes it appealing to more and more drivers, taking on the role of work van plus family adventure vehicle. 

Today, pickup’s offer a much broader range of configurations than they once did, so, whether it’s for business or pleasure – there’s lots on offer from this multi-purpose vehicle. The Pickup market has been through significant changes in recent years, evolving to offer something much more. From impressive pulling power and off-roading driving capabilities to the multiple practical configurations available – it’s no surprise that the pickup has such broad appeal. 

Like all vehicles, pickups have their own unique range of features – so if you’re thinking about leasing pickup, the good news is there are plenty of options to choose from. In recent times, some of the big players such as Nissan Navara and Mitsubishi made the decision to no longer offer pickup vehicles, and this has made way for some of the other names to really go after this market. 

The Ford Ranger.

The go to for many of our customers, it’s no surprise that the Ford Ranger still holds the top spot as the UK’s number one best selling pickup truck. Voted pickup truck of the year for the past 3 years, it is standing the test of time well and the broad range of models means there’s pretty much something for everyone.

The Regular Cab is the standard 2-seat version, popular for those looking to maximise the carrying capacity and who don’t need the extra seating. The Super Cab comes with a second row of seats, perfect for when you need to transport your helpers but without using up too much of the storage space. Then there’s the Double Cab, also known as the crew cab, complete with a spacious second row of seats, four doors and extra legroom – the most popular for those looking to combine leisure time with work. 

Known as the best all rounder – all Ford Rangers also have an impressive one-tonne carrying capacity and towing capabilities of up to 3500kg. 

Toyota Hilux.

The Toyota Hilux has been one of the best selling pickups for decades, always up there as one of the most popular in the UK and around the globe. It has a reputation as a tough, off-roader, due to its capability of withstanding the toughest of driving conditions so appeals to anyone looking for a van that won’t let them down wherever they are. 

The most popular choice today is the four-door Double Cab, simply because it can double up as a work van and a family car. Hilux have worked hard on the mod cons with the entry level Active offering Bluetooth and air conditioning as standard. But, like all vehicles, the higher the spec the more you’ll get with the Invincible premium model offering extras like sat-nav and heated seats.

If carrying passengers is less important, there are two-door single cab options where space is maximised with a longer load bed. The Hilux’s 3500kg towing capacity now comfortably matches its rivals and the most recent update has turned attention to practical things like larger storage capacity than previous models. 

Volkswagen Amarok

One of the biggest changes to the pickup market is the exciting launch of the all-new Amarok, set to go on sale in 2022. A joint venture between Volkswagen and Ford, it will be known as the third-generation Amarok, with the best of Volkswagen and Ford coming together. What we know is that the new Amarok is modelled on the design of current Ranger platform, with Volkswagen DNA obvious in it’s impressive off road capability.

Whilst some details have yet to be released, what we do know is that Volkswagen are describing its Ford Ranger as a real overhaul – an exciting move on with a new, bold appearance both for the interior and exterior. This includes new connectivity features, the latest VW steering wheel and the brand’s new digital innovations.

The exterior looks new, chunky and impressive –  but also recognisable, and it sounds like it will be loaded with off-road features ready to take on the go-anywhere pickup market.

Isuzu D-Max

The Isuzu D-Max has always been known as a solid, robust and durable workhorse pickup. Very popular amongst farmers, to sports enthusiasts, the D-Max has a reputation as a no-nonsense, reliable van. Recently, the D-Max has evolved significantly, launching a new and improved model that captures more of the mod-cons expected from a pickup.

Today, drivers can expect a range of trim levels, ranging from entry level to more luxury models. Take the DL40 as an example – fully equipped with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, leather heated seats and more features that we would normally see in a luxury family car! 

Available in single, extended and double-cab versions, the Isuzu attracts anyone looking for a  robust and loyal work van through to a multi-purpose family vehicle. The new design means there is more interior space than before, and drivers can enjoy a maximum payload of more than 1000kg and a towing capacity of 3500kg. With the latest upgrades, the Isuzu has all the features to take on its rivals in the pickup market.