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A Van for Everyone

German vehicle manufacturing is synonymous with high quality, reliability and comfort. With a heritage spanning more than 80 years, Volkswagen vehicles not only embody these attributes, but add performance, safety and low running costs to the list, all without the premium price tag.

Volkswagen vans now offer more choice and options than ever before, so let us consider the reasons the brand has earned an enviable reputation in the modern commercial vehicle world.

Why Lease A Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle?

With an excellent reputation to uphold in the passenger vehicle market, Volkswagen’s main goal was to replicate this across their commercial vehicle range, an important factor being reduction of stress on the driver, which was achieved by borrowing many features from their hugely successful car range including:

  • Reduced engine noise levels (using their refined car engines)
  • Improved sound deadening
  • A ‘car-like’ feel to the cabs with comfortable driving seats.

On account of their reputation for first-class reliability, VW vans hold their value particularly well, resulting in low depreciation and a better value van lease for you, the customer. So have a look at the range of models on offer below, all of which are available from us under flexible leasing, contract hire or lease purchase agreements. 

Range of Available VW Vans & Pickups

A large range of VW commercial vehicles can be arranged for lease by us. We have the Caddy van that handles like a Golf, the most popular and iconic multi-award winning Transporter, the Crafter (the largest van in the group) which is available in front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and four wheel drive, and of course, the four door double cab Volkswagen Amarok pickup truck.

If you are a Volkswagen person, you can be sure to find a commercial vehicle to cater to your every need and operational requirements.

Engine Performance, Awards & Technological Advancements

Let us take a further look at why choosing a Volkswagen commercial vehicle might be the right option for you. 

Engine Advancements

With stricter emission regulations imposed, each vehicle manufacturer has to do their part to comply with these rules. As a whole, this has forced many van manufacturers to adopt new engines. However, the Volkswagen 2.0 litre diesel engine only needed to have its exhaust system reworked to meet the much tougher standard. 

This didn’t stop the German manufacturer from implementing new engine features to further reduce emissions across their range. For example, ‘twin dosing’ technology is VW’s nifty way of reducing those pesky emissions, an effect achieved by injecting AdBlue into the catalytic converter at two different locations.

The system injects just enough AdBlue for when the engine is idling under no strain, while also catering for higher loads such as motorway driving. This is said to reduce emissions by 80%.

Multiple Van Awards

It will come as no surprise to learn that all the VW vans we have on offer have won awards, with some van models winning more than one: 

The fifth-generation Caddy won, not one but two, awards in the Small Van category. These were for Best Overall Van and Best Value for Ownership Cost. What stood out the most for the judges was Caddy’s driving dynamics, overall build quality, and its economical new diesel engines that substantially reduce running costs. 

Next in the range, the iconic Transporter 6.1 earned the title of Best Value for Ownership in the Medium Van category, Its all-around versatility, exceptional car-like ride, and reliability attracted the judges in particular. 

Finally, the Crafter (an already multiple award-winning van) won Best to Drive in the Large Van category. The innovative and intelligent driver assistance systems make the Crafter more practical, economical, and easier to drive, proving that big vans do not have to be intimidating to operate.

Other Technological Advancements 

On top of performance and load carrying capabilities, VW also prides itself in advancing vehicle  technology to improve overall safety and comfort where needed the most, for example:

  • Wireless Smartphone Charging Technology for those inevitable days when you need your business phone the most, but forget to charge it.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control automatically adapts your speed by monitoring surrounding vehicles. Once in cruise mode, if the vehicle in front brakes (or another vehicle enters the space in front of you), the van will automatically brake to the preset distance. Once the space in front increases again, the van will accelerate back to cruising speed.
  • Driver Alert System designed to recognise driving behaviours that indicate tiredness. When detected, it will alert you visually and acoustically, recommending you take a break.

Other technologies incorporated in VW commercial vehicles include:

  • Brake Assist system
  • City Emergency Braking
  • Park Assist
  • Lane Change Assist – Side Scan
  • Reversing Camera

Quick Recap

A Volkswagen van lease offers practicality and high quality without the luxury price tag, together with flexible finance options. Whether you’re looking for the best personal van leasing, contract hire van quotes or business van leasing, you’ve come to the right place. 

At www.vanleasing.com all our Volkswagen van leasing deals are competitive and flexible, so have a browse through the list of models to find the right van for you! If you would simply like someone to talk to in order to discuss your options, Contact Us now.