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German Build Quality at Fantastically Low Prices

Many may not know that Mercedes was one of the first manufacturers to have built a van for business purposes back in 1896. The vehicle is said to have had a payload of 1500kg, which is comparable to today’s large modern vans, though its top speed was only 7mph.

Fast forward nearly 125 years and this manufacturer is still going strong, with Mercedes considered the most reliable and durable commercial vehicles on the market.

Why Lease A Mercedes Van?

We’ve mentioned reliability and durability, but another aspect people factor in when they hear the name Mercedes is “quality” throughout, all the way from cab interior to the marque’s renowned engineering. 

It is exactly for this reason that Mercedes residuals are class-leading, their vehicles holding their value better than most and resulting in low depreciation, with a better value van lease for you, the customer, and your business.

Variety Of Vans To Pick From

An extensive range of models from which to choose makes Mercedes stand out from the rest. While their range of small and medium size vans is on par with the competition, when it comes to the Sprinter (their largest van), Mercedes blows the competition out of the water. 

The Sprinter comes with three wheelbases, four body lengths, and two body heights, and as if that wasn’t enough variety, they also offer three engine outputs designed to power each model.

Nor is it merely variety that makes this manufacturer so popular, since versatility is also a contributory factor. Using the Sprinter range as an example, while affording a large carrying capacity, it nevertheless offers easy maneuvrability in a city environment, yet is small enough to take to most places a car can go.

Pioneers In Safety

Mercedes have consistently set benchmarks in vehicle safety that the rest of the automotive industry still follows, their sophisticated and groundbreaking technologies are a testament to the devotion and time their engineers spend for that potential moment one hopes will never happen.

From the invention of the crumple zone back in the early 50s to countless subsequent innovations in accident prevention, it is not hard to see why Mercedes has set standards in safety which, combined with luxury and driver comfort, make for peace of mind.

Consider some of the safety and accident avoidance features Mercedes has incorporated into their vans:

Active Brake Assist

Designed to warn drivers of oncoming dangers and automatically apply the brake, this system extends to recognising and braking for pedestrians.

Active Distance Assist Distronic

A feature to prevent tailgating. It slows down (or even speeds up) your van in order to keep a safe distance from other vehicles.

Crosswind Assist

A particularly handy feature for larger vans, which otherwise can act like a sail in crosswinds. Designed to ensure your van remains in its lane when a sudden gust of wind takes you by surprise, this advanced system works by gently applying the brake to individual wheels, quickly stabilising your vehicle at highway speeds.

Active Lane Keeping Assist

Multifunctional cameras are used to recognise unintentional drifting out of lanes. The system uses visual and audio cues when your van starts to drift.

Load-Adaptive Electronic Stability Program

ESP works on a similar premise to Crosswind Assist, but instead prevents wheelspin, understeering and oversteering. It does this by braking individual wheels and reducing engine power to stabilise your van.

Traffic Sign Assist

An onboard camera provides the driver with additional information on speed limits, no entry areas and no entry signs.

Multiple Van Awards 

Constantly testing and refining their proprietary models, it comes as no surprise that Mercedes have won an array of awards throughout the years.

Awards won last year include:


  • International Van of the Year 2022 award


  • Best Large Van at the Fleet News Awards 2021
  • Winner for 5 years in a row of the ‘Most Reliable Van’ at FN50 awards
  • Best Large Van at the Business Vans Awards 2021
  • Winner of the Large Van in the Company Van Today Awards, 2021.


  • What Van? Safety Award for 2021

Quick Recap

We have all models in the Mercedes range available including the Mercedes e-Sprinter & e-Vito on van leasing, van lease purchase and van contract hire agreements. So if you’re interested in a Mercedes van why not click on one of the vans above for more information? Our team of advisors will be happy to help you if you have any additional questions, Contact Us to see if we have the right Mercedes van lease for you today!