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Powerful engines, exceptional fuel economy

We don’t hesitate to say that of all the brands we lease Ford remains by far the most popular of the lot. It’s not hard to see why, being it’s one of the most popular vehicle manufacturers in the world, with their Ford Transit Custom topping the rankings as the most sold van in 2021.


Sales Position Model Numbers registered
1 Ford Transit Custom 39,500
2 Ford Transit 25,000
3 Volkswagen Transporter 17,500
4 Mercedes Sprinter 17,300
5 Ford Ranger 14,900


As can be seen, the Transit Custom is not the only Ford vehicle on the list. With a wide range of vans and pickups on offer, the Transit and Ranger also feature in the table of top brands.

Why Lease A Ford Vehicle?

The brand is renowned for its reliability, quality, and most importantly, functionality. With decades of experience in manufacturing trucks, tractors, and race cars, little wonder Ford is considered reliable. This is precisely what makes the brand popular and the perfect commercial vehicle for lease.

There is one other factor that puts Ford top of the leaderboard and that is value for money, the very reason Ford van leasing is affordable since purchase cost savings can be passed on to the customer, helping meet budgetary requirements.

A Wide Range of Vans & Pickups To Choose From

We’ve touched on three models that put Ford on top of the favourite list of commercial vehicles in the UK. But exactly how wide is the range of vans and pickups on offer?

Let’s take a look at what Van Leasing has on offer:

The range of Ford models is vast. Whatever you are looking for, you can be sure we will have a vehicle that suits your exact needs, no matter how big or small your business or your line of work.

Engine Performance & Technological Advancements

With the world becoming ever more conscious of the environment and the release of greenhouse gases, Ford has stepped up to the plate by advancing their engine technology and features. 

Each engine with its corresponding technological features, has been specifically catered to suit each Ford model. The goal is to maximise fuel efficiency (so that the benefit of reduced running costs can be passed on to the customer), minimise the release of C02 and particulates into the atmosphere, while at the same time improving horsepower, and further advance the overall safety of people both in and out of their vehicles.

Let us now take a more detailed look at some of these advancements!

Multiple Award Winning Engines

Ford’s 1.0L petrol EcoBoost engine which is used on the Fiesta & Transit Courier, has won the International Engine of the Year Award for the 6th year running, an award earned for an engine that’s compact, uses deactivation technology to further reduce C02, while also producing the horsepower equivalent to a 1.6L petrol engine.

Ford doesn’t stop there. They have also developed an engine for the Transit Connect that runs on Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (often a waste product), which burns cleaner than conventional fossil fuels. But what makes this engine stand out from the rest is that the Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil can even be mixed in with the regular diesel in your tank if you cannot source one or the other fuel.

Nor should we forget the smaller, but often overlooked advancements that make a difference, such as Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles that is an option on the Transit van. The unit is a small battery driven electric motor that works alongside the conventional engine to help reduce fuel consumption when demand for power is low, resulting in even better fuel consumption and less C02 released into the atmosphere.

Other Technological Advancements 

The engine technology and the environment is not the only important factor. Ford has incorporated other technological advancements to make our lives a little more comfortable and safer. 

For example, many vehicles in the range have Pre-Collision Assist technology that uses a mixture of radar and cameras to detect other vehicles or pedestrians that cross your path. Failure to apply the brakes means your vehicle will take over and do it for you and ultimately reduce the severity of accidents.

Depending on your requirements, Ford also offers an Intelligent All-Wheel Drive option on some models. Not only is the vehicle all-wheel drive, but the system takes it a step further to adapt to road conditions. The intelligent system is a ‘torque on demand’ feature that applies the right amount of torque to each wheel and therefore delivers surefooted progress over challenging surfaces. This ensures the driver’s safety and keeps the cargo squarely on the road, all without sacrificing payload too much, with added weight of only 60kg.

Let us dig a little deeper and look at what else Ford has on offer. 

Consider having a small fleet of vehicles for your business. Running a business is demanding enough, so where do you find the extra time for the efficient maintenance of your vehicles?

That is where the FordPass Pro app comes into play to help business owners manage their fleet. Connect your mobile device to your vehicles and it will assist you to keep them safe, secure and running efficiently.

Here are some features that are included:

  • Location Tracking helps owners know exactly where their vehicles are and have been during the day. It is a feature that also helps drivers find their vans in busy car parks or work locations.
  • Alarm Notification lets owners know immediately when the alarm system has been triggered and which vehicle is affected.
  • Vehicle Health checks the health vitals of vehicles, such as oil life, fuel levels and tyre pressure. This can help prolong the life of the vehicle while increasing driving safety and saving on fuel economy.
  • Remote Locking/Unlocking provides an added level of security and reassurance that the vehicle is securely locked (both the cabin and load compartment can be independently controlled)


Quick Recap

A Ford van lease offers practicality, class-leading reliability and great value all in one – what more could you ask for? How about flexible finance options to go along with it? Whether you’re looking for the best personal van leasing, contract hire van quotes or business van leasing, you’ve come to the right place. 

If you would simply like someone to talk to and discuss your options, Contact Us now. At www.vanleasing.com all our Ford van leasing deals are competitive and flexible, so have a browse through the list of models to find the right Ford van for you!