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The Ford Transit Custom, known for its versatility and dependability, presents a challenging task when selecting the right trim level, especially considering the wide array of powertrain options that all trim levels come equipped with.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the all-new Ford Transit Custom’s trim levels to help you navigate the available options more easily. From the budget-friendly base model to the luxurious premium trim, we’ll examine what each level brings to the table.

Whether you’re focused on utility, comfort, or a blend of both, we’ll guide you in discovering the trim level that best suits your business needs and preferences. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a clearer picture of the Ford Transit Custom’s versatile lineup, making it easier to choose the trim for your requirements.

Leader Trim – The Workhorse Champion

This is the base trim level and offers the essentials for a commercial vehicle. It’s focused on utility and affordability.

Exterior Features

The Transit Custom Leader is designed with functionality in mind. It features kerbside side load doors and hinged rear cargo doors, providing easy access to the spacious cargo area. With 6 tie-down loops for short wheelbase (SWB) and 8 for long wheelbase (LWB) versions, securing your cargo is a breeze.

In terms of durability and style, the black front bumper stands as a testament to its robust build. Meanwhile, the inclusion of LED headlamps and daytime running lights elevates visibility to another level. Notably, the automatic high headlamps intelligently adapt to changing driving conditions, ensuring you’re always well-lit on the road.

Tinted glass, complemented by a quick-clear front window defroster, adds a layer of safety and comfort to your driving experience. What’s more, you have the flexibility to select between a low roof configuration or elevate your options with a high roof for enhanced versatility. The Transit Custom Leader truly encompasses both practicality and style in one exceptional package.

Interior Features

Inside the cabin of the Leader, you’ll find a host of features that cater to both comfort and functionality. The 13″ touchscreen provides easy access to infotainment and controls, while LED lights illuminate the interior.

A full metal bulkhead separates the cabin from the cargo area, offering added security and insulation. The driver’s seat is a manual 2-way adjustable option, and the dual passenger seat (without load-through) accommodates additional passengers.

Power-operated front windows and the advanced Sync 4 infotainment system with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and over-the-air updates ensure you’re well-connected on the go.

Safety and Technology

This trim level doesn’t compromise on safety. It comes equipped with Ford Co-Pilot 360, which includes a Collision Mitigation System, Lane Keeping Aid, Speed Sign Recognition, Wrong Way Alert, and Reverse Parking Aid. The van also features speed-dependent locking and AECS NO SMS/Roll Detect 2G for enhanced safety. Passenger airbags and an alcohol interlock system contribute to passenger protection, while power door deadlocks provide double locking for added security. The keyless start system adds convenience to your daily operations.

Mechanical Features

Under the hood, the Ford Transit Custom Leader van offers various mechanical features to ensure a smooth and reliable drive. Exact engine options may vary, but you can expect power and efficiency tailored to your needs.

Fuel Efficiency and Capacity

The van offers a standard diesel fuel tank with a capacity of 55 litres, while the pHEV version comes with a 63-litre tank. Additionally, there’s a 20-litre Adblue tank for emission control, showcasing Ford’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Trend Trim – Elevating Style and Versatility

The Trend trim level is a step up from the Leader and offers additional features. This elevated configuration is the preferred choice for individuals seeking not only enhanced practicality but also a heightened level of comfort in their work van.

Exterior Elegance and Practicality

The partial body colour front bumper offers a subtle yet distinct touch of style that seamlessly integrates with the van’s design, setting it apart in the crowd. Meanwhile, the full-wheel covers not only add to the van’s visual appeal but also serve the practical purpose of safeguarding the wheels, ensuring their longevity and reliability during journeys.

In the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) version of the Trend, you’ll be greeted by LED Headlamps, which provide efficiency and exceptional visibility, especially during night-time drives. Additionally, the BEV variant showcases a unique identity with the signature BEV grille, an exclusive design feature.

Further enhancing its appeal, the electric version also boasts a coast-to-coast light bar, a distinctive external element that makes it instantly recognizable on the road. To bolster safety and visibility, the BEV version includes LED tail lamps and e-Transit puddle lamps, which prove invaluable in low-light conditions.

Enhanced Interior Comfort and Convenience

As you step into the cabin, you’ll immediately notice its meticulous design catering to both drivers and passengers. The automatic air conditioner ensures effortless maintenance of the ideal cabin temperature, particularly beneficial during long journeys or inclement weather. In the BEV variant, a heat pump is introduced for efficient heating, a valuable attribute in electric vehicles where traditional heating systems might affect range and efficiency.

Storage and convenience are thoughtfully integrated into the Trend’s design. A locking glove box provides secure storage for valuables and important documents. In the BEV model, a vapor-injected heater takes comfort to the next level by enhancing heating efficiency. For peace of mind during extended journeys, the van comes equipped with a spare wheel, replacing the traditional tire repair kit.

Safety is a top priority, and the Trend Van reflects this with features such as electric brake boost, and enhancing braking performance. In the BEV version, an exclusive 130KPH engine governor ensures precise speed control tailored to electric vehicle dynamics.

The BEV variant further distinguishes itself with signature BEV wheel covers, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail that defines the Trend Van. Safety takes a central role with the Drivers Assistance Pack 2, which builds upon the base model’s safety features. This pack introduces a Front Parking Aid and a Rear View Reversing Camera with digital functionality, enhancing driver confidence during maneuvers.

Key Features Over The Leader

Here is what the Trend has over the Leader:

  • 13” SYNC 4 centre touchscreen
  • 12” digital instrument cluster
  • Electronic Automatic Temperature Control air conditioning
  • Locking glove box
  • 16” steel wheels with full wheel covers
  • Parking Pack with Front Parking Aid & View Camera
  • Driver’s seat 4-way adjust and lumbar
  • Under-seat stowage and load through the bulkhead for passenger seat
  • Partial body-colour front and rear bumpers

Limited Trim – Luxury and Utility Unite

The Limited trim level offers an elevated level of luxury and performance that sets a new standard for business operations. By adding even more comfort and convenience features it makes it a more upscale option.

Exterior Refinement

The Limited van undergoes an exterior transformation, seamlessly merging aesthetics with utility. Both the body-coloured front bumper and rear bumper serve a dual purpose: elevating the van’s overall refinement while delivering extra protection.

Moreover, the van features dual heated exterior mirrors, complete with auto power fold capability, adding convenience, particularly in tight parking scenarios. These mirrors harmonise with the vehicle’s body colour, ensuring a unified and stylish appearance.

Elevated Interior Comfort & Convenience

The Ford Transit Custom Limited’s cabin redefines comfort and convenience for both driver and passengers. Brilliant super bright load compartment lights flood the cargo area with exceptional illumination, ensuring usability even in low-light conditions. Adding to the convenience, an interior grab handle with a dedicated driver’s sunglasses holder is a thoughtful touch.

Enjoy a luxurious and tactile gear-shifting experience with the Sensico gear shift. Passenger comfort is further enhanced by the Limited comfort dual passenger seats during journeys, while the driver benefits from adjustable armrests and lumbar support. Both driver and passenger can relish the luxury of heated seats, providing warmth during colder weather.

Simplifying window operation, one-touch power front windows are available on both sides. The van cruises on stylish 16″ alloy wheels and includes a 16″ steel spare wheel for added safety.

The addition of a front seat tray table offers a practical workspace or meal area, while the Sensico steering wheel design strikes a harmonious balance between comfort and control. To ensure durability and easy cleaning in the cargo area, a moulded load floor liner is thoughtfully integrated.

Performance & Safety At Its Finest

The Limited Van redefines business efficiency with cutting-edge technology. Keyless Entry and Keyless Start not only offer unmatched convenience but also an additional layer of security. A simple swipe of a card grants you access and starts your van, eliminating the need to fumble for keys and ensuring swift, hassle-free departures.

Safety remains paramount, and the Limited van is engineered with a comprehensive suite of features to safeguard both you and your cargo. The Thatcham Alarm – Category 1 takes functionality up a notch, now extending its coverage to include the load space. This advanced alarm system is strategically designed to deter theft and unauthorised access to your valuable cargo, providing you with peace of mind whether you’re parked at a job site or your place of business. Your business assets remain secure, backed by robust protection.

Key Features Over The Trend

Here is what the Limited has over the Trend:

  • Optional Mobile Office Pack with Tilting Steering Wheel
  • Ultra-bright LED Load-space lighting
  • Optional Power side load doors with hands-free opening
  • Load-through bulkhead
  • Heated driver’s seat with 4-way adjust and heated dual passenger seat
  • Wireless charging
  • Auto power-folding heated and adjustable door mirrors
  • Keyless entry and start
  • LED front and tail lamps

Trail Trim – Conquer Any Terrain

The Trail trim is designed to be more rugged and capable off-road. This trim strikes a harmonious balance between rugged capability and enhanced features, making it a compelling option for businesses seeking a vehicle that can tackle challenging terrains while maintaining a touch of sophistication.

Exterior Toughness and Practicality

From the outside, the Ford Transit Custom Trail trim embodies ruggedness and utility in its exterior design, ready to face demanding environments. It’s equipped with features that not only enhance its robustness but also contribute to practicality. The self-colour rear bumper adds durability while seamlessly integrating with the van’s exterior. Dual heated exterior mirrors, complete with auto power fold functionality, add convenience during parking and tight maneuvers while maintaining a cohesive appearance with the body colour. Fixed DSS LED headlamps, now available for the internal combustion engine (ICE) version, provide efficient illumination for safer nighttime driving. Additionally, front and rear mud flaps help keep the van clean and minimise road debris accumulation.

For the Trail trim, certain rugged enhancements take centre stage. All-Wheel Drive comes standard when paired with an automatic transmission, ensuring optimal traction and performance even on uneven terrains. In manual transmission variants, the Mechanical Limited-Slip Differential provides added control and stability. The Ford Transit Custom Trail boasts a unique Trail grille and skid-plate, setting it apart with a bold and unmistakable appearance that exudes adventure and capability. To keep your van clean and minimize road debris accumulation, both front and rear mud flaps are thoughtfully integrated. These mud flaps help preserve the van’s exterior while also reducing the need for frequent cleaning in demanding environments.

Rugged Interior Comfort and Utility

Step inside the Ford Transit Custom Trail, and you’ll find a cabin that seamlessly blends ruggedness with comfort and utility. The cargo area is brilliantly illuminated with super-bright load compartment lights, ensuring efficient loading and unloading even in low-light conditions. Convenient touches include an interior grab handle that comes with a dedicated sunglasses holder, a Sensico gear shift knob designed for durability, and a trail comfort dual passenger seat that prioritises passenger comfort during journeys.

Both the driver and passengers can indulge in the comfort of heated seats, providing much-needed warmth during colder weather. For added practicality, the front seat tray table doubles as a workspace or a convenient meal area while on the move. The Sensico steering wheel is designed for durability and grip, and for those rugged cargo-hauling days, the moulded load floor liner ensures easy cleaning and high durability.

Convenience is further enhanced with one-touch power front windows on both sides, simplifying window operation. Plus, an upgraded Thatcham alarm system offers improved functionality, extending its coverage to the load space, and providing enhanced security against theft and unauthorised access to your valuable cargo.

Key Features Over The Limited

Here is what the Trail has over the Limited:

  • All-Wheel Drive Standard on Trail with auto transmission
  • Mechanical Limited-Slip Differential
  • Striking yellow exterior decal
  • Optional 17” black alloys
  • Unique Trail grille and skid-plate
  • Auto power-folding heated and adjustable door mirrors
  • Full-height load space trim

Active Trim – Ready for Anything, Anywhere

The Active trim level typically offers a more adventurous and SUV-like styling with features such as unique exterior design elements, larger wheels, and distinctive interior trim. It may also have some off-road enhancements for improved capability.

Elevated Exterior Utility for Adventurous Journeys

The Active trim embraces the spirit of adventure with a suite of exterior features designed to enhance versatility. It features a self-colour rear bumper for durability and seamless integration with the van’s exterior. LED tail lamps provide efficiency and visibility, especially during nighttime drives. Close Assist adds a layer of convenience to daily operations by automatically opening and closing cargo doors with one touch. Front and rear mud flaps keep the van clean and minimise the accumulation of road debris, while roof rails open up new possibilities, allowing for the secure transport of additional cargo or gear, making it perfect for outdoor adventures. In summary, the Ford Transit Custom Active trim doesn’t just embrace adventure; it’s designed to enhance every aspect of your journey. From its rugged rear bumper to its roof rails, this trim is tailored for those who seek versatility, functionality, and the freedom to explore the great outdoors.

Enhanced Interior Comfort and Adventure-Ready

Within the cabin, the Active van prioritises passenger comfort and adventure readiness. It boasts dual-zone automatic air conditioning, creating a comfortable environment for both the driver and passengers, irrespective of the weather outside. The Active Comfort+ dual passenger seat enhances passenger comfort during journeys, ensuring everyone arrives relaxed and ready for the day ahead. The driver’s seat is meticulously designed for ultimate comfort, with the added benefit of heating for those chilly mornings. Heated passenger seats further enhance overall passenger comfort, especially during cold weather.

Adding to its practicality, a front seat tray table serves as a versatile feature, offering a convenient workspace or a place to enjoy a meal. The interior is adorned with Nunatek fabric featuring Nordic blue accents, adding an aesthetic touch and making the cabin a pleasant place to be. The Sensico steering wheel is a fusion of durability and tactile comfort, ensuring that every drive is not just efficient but enjoyable. In summary, the Ford Transit Custom Active van’s interior doesn’t just prioritise comfort; it’s tailored for those who are always ready for adventure, making every journey a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Performance and Safety Assured

The Active is engineered for performance and safety. It features 17″ Y-spoke active alloy wheels that not only look impressive but also enhance performance and traction. A navigation pack equips the van with navigation capabilities for efficient route planning, ensuring you’re always on the right path. The reversing camera pack enhances safety during maneuvers and parking, while reverse brake assist adds an extra layer of safety during reverse maneuvers, making parking and tight spaces less stressful.

Electric brake boost improves braking performance for added safety, providing peace of mind during your journeys. Adaptive cruise control (manual transmission) maintains a safe following distance in varying traffic conditions, reducing driver fatigue. ACC with stop & go (automatic transmission) enhances convenience with adaptive cruise control, while blind spot indicator with cross-traffic alert increases driver awareness and safety, reducing the risk of collisions.

Versatility and Adventure in One Package

This trim is not just a cargo transporter; it’s a versatile and adventurous companion for your business operations. Whether you’re navigating urban streets, tackling challenging terrains, or exploring off-the-beaten-path locations, this van is ready for the challenge. Its comprehensive set of features, from adventure-ready exterior elements to a comfortable and practical interior, makes it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a vehicle that can handle diverse tasks with ease.

Sport Trim – Performance Meets Style

The Sport trim level focuses on enhancing the van’s aesthetics and performance. It includes sportier styling elements, such as body kits, sport suspension, sport seats, and unique alloy wheels. This trim level is for those who want a more dynamic and eye-catching appearance.

Exterior Excellence Making a Striking Impression

When it comes to aesthetics and functionality, the Transit Custom Sport goes above and beyond. One notable upgrade is the inclusion of LED tail lamps, which serve to enhance both safety and visibility while lending the van a contemporary and distinctive appearance that’s hard to ignore.

Moreover, the Close Assist feature adds an element of convenience to your daily tasks, making loading and unloading cargo a breeze. This thoughtful addition is just one example of how Ford has paid attention to the finer details, ensuring that the Transit Custom Sport stands out in more ways than one.

The sporty spirit of this trim is further exemplified by the stylish hood accent stripes, exuding an air of sporty confidence that sets it apart from the crowd. And it’s not all about looks either – the rear spoiler isn’t merely an aesthetic choice. It contributes to improved aerodynamics, enhancing fuel efficiency and ensuring that your workday is both productive and economical.

Interior Luxury: Where Form Meets Function

Stepping inside the Transit Custom Sport reveals a cabin that strikes a perfect balance between comfort and practicality. Dual-zone automatic air conditioning, for instance, puts an end to disagreements over cabin temperature. You and your passengers can now tailor the climate to your liking, ensuring a comfortable ride, no matter the weather conditions.

Long journeys become a pleasure with the SportComfort+DualPassengerSeat (SeatPack53). This feature offers outstanding comfort and adaptability, ensuring that both driver and passenger are at ease during every trip. Plus, the heated power 6-way adjustable driver’s seat means that even on cold mornings, you can customize your seating position for optimal comfort and warmth.

Passengers aren’t forgotten either, with a heated seat and a convenient front seat tray table adding convenience for those on the move. Last but not least, the Sensico steering wheel, aside from feeling fantastic in your hands, introduces a touch of luxury to your everyday driving experience, making every commute a little more special.

Key Features Over The Limited

Here is what the Sport has over the Limited:

  • Exterior racing stripes and decal
  • 17” sport alloy wheels
  • Sport body kit with rear spoiler
  • Heated driver’s seat with powered 6-way adjust and power lumbar
  • Dual-zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control