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12 Month Lease Deals

A selection of our one year van lease options. These vans are available for immediate delivery, with full manufacturers warranty and with a range of monthly mileage options to suit your business.

Do you love that new van smell?

If so then 12 month van leasing might be a good option for you! Using a one year van lease gives you the best of both worlds; the flexibility of not being tied into a long-term contract but at rates more akin to leasing prices rather than expensive weekly van rental.

12 month van leasing is proving extremely popular with all business types. Whether you are a new start business that is looking to dip your toe in the water before committing to a 3 or 4 year lease, or if you are an established company that is looking to grow your fleet to cover a major project - whatever the use case, we can help.

Benefits of a 12 month van lease

  Brand new van
  Full manufacturers warranty
  No servicing or MOT requirements
  Latest efficiency and emissions standards
  Keep your fleet fresh with high specification vans and the latest technology

Popular For

  Start-up businesses that are new to leasing
  Established companies looking to cover large projects
  All other company types that want the benefits of the latest tech, low servicing costs and a modern fleet of brand new vans

Frequently asked questions

Can I request the exact specification of van I want?

Yes, unlike weekly hire agreements we let you select the van that works best for your business. Because the vans are brand new we can often add additional manufacturer extras should you wish to add these. Whilst we can't always guarantee stock availability for every single van, our advisors will work with you

Can I wrap or signwrite my van?

Yes you are free to add your branding to your van, all we ask is that you remove the branding prior to the end of the lease.

What is the maximum mileage?

You can customise your 12 month van lease to suit your mileage requirements. The minimum mileage is 8,000 miles and the maximum is 18,000.

What happens at the end of the lease?

After the 12 months we collect the van from your business address. Many of our customers will renew into a new 12 month lease or move into a longer-term 3-4 year lease, but you are not obligated to do this and can simply hand the van back if you wish.

How long does it take from order to delivery?

Every van is different but if it's in stock we expect to deliver it within 7-10 working days. Factory ordered vehicles allow for 6-12 weeks depending on the manufacturer.