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Long Term Car Hire Offers

These cars are all available for immediate free delivery to your home address. All stock vehicles are fully maintained and available on our full flexible 2-18 car hire contracts. Order online today for delivery in 7-10 working days.

A truly flexible alternative

It’s clear that today businesses are looking for a much more flexible approach to long-term business car hire. Whether it’s to cover new employee probation periods, seasonal peaks or for businesses who simply don’t want to be tied into really long contracts, the need for flexibility is becoming more important than ever.

Many of our customers have been relying on expensive day to day rentals to avoid being tied into longer contracts that generally span over a few years. Here, we help businesses with this by offering a long-term hire package with the option to hire single or multiple cars for as little as 2 months and for up to aslong as 18 months

Circumstances can change quickly, and long-term business car hire gives the flexibility to adapt your company cars to suit your situation. It’s also an ideal way to get access to a much wider range of premium makes and models that day to day rentals are often less likely to offer.

Enjoy the benefits

  Access to premium makes and models
  Free Nationwide delivery
  Flexible contracts
  Hire for 2 months then either hand back or keep for longer

Frequently asked questions

Why is daily car hire so expensive?

Generally, it’s because you’re only hiring a car for a day or two at a time. The short-term nature of car rentals and fluctuating demand makes it a more expensive option, and so it best serves those who only need a vehicle for a very short period of time. What we find is that often businesses need a car hire package that sits somewhere in between the more expensive daily car rental, and the longer leases that would tie them in for a few years. We can support businesses with this through our long-term car hire package. Here, businesses have the option to hire single or multiple cars for as little as 2 months and for up to as long as 18 months. This makes it far less expensive than a daily car rental rate and gives businesses more flexibility around the contract length.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of time that I need to take the vehicle for?

Our long-term car hire packages are all about flexibility, and all we say is that you need to hire the vehicle for as little as 2 months, and you can keep it for as long as 18 months. The good news is that if you don’t really know exactly how long you need the car for, you can start off by hiring it for 2 months and simply extend for as long as you need to up to the 18 month maximum. It’s not like a daily car rental where you would be asked to swap the car – it’s yours for the full duration that you choose to keep if for.

What is the difference between long-term car hire and leasing?

The main difference is that when leasing a car, you tend to commit to a more specific term and generally this will be anywhere from 2 to 5 years. This does make leasing the lowest cost option, and if you know you are going to need a car or multiple cars for a significant period of time then it’s likely you would consider leasing for this. Long-term car hire is all about flexibility, and lets you adjust the term as you go if you need to. This service sits somewhere in between more expensive daily care hire and long length leasing contracts. It’s great for businesses who foresee a change in their circumstances or who simply don’t want to commit to a long lease term.

Who is the long-term car hire service designed for?

Our long-term car hire service is basically for businesses who need more flexibility. Some common examples are businesses looking for cars to cover temporary staffing needs, employee probation periods and seasonal business peaks, but it’s also for those who simply don’t want to be tied into much longer leasing contracts or pay the premium that comes with daily car hire. Currently, we offer this service to limited companies who require cars for business use only and who have been trading for over 2 years with no previous credit issues.