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The Master adapts to the needs of all users. This is a claim Renault can make due to the massive array of choices available. This van model comes in front & rear wheel drive options, with front wheel drive having 6 sizes to choose from and rear wheel drive having 4 sizes.

As for the engine range, Renault has had a complete revamp to comply with the latest Euro 6D emission standards. These improvements offer more dynamic acceleration and instant pull, which is a welcome feature for a big van with heavy loads. 

Renault claims these changes are a winner on every front, providing increased power and torque along with a 13% improvement in fuel consumption, and a further reduction in CO2 emission levels.

The tables below provide an indication of the comprehensive choice range when leasing a Renault Master van. There is indeed a model available to cater for everyone’s business needs.

Front Wheel Drive

Size Length Height Wheelbase Volume
L1H1 5075mm 2307mm 3182mm 8 cu.m
L1H2 5075mm 2500mm 3182mm 9 cu.m
L2H2 5575mm 2500mm 3682mm 10.8 cu.m
L2H3 5575mm 2750mm 3682mm 12.3 cu.m
L3H2 6225mm 2488mm 4332mm 13 cu.m 
L3H3 6225mm 2745mm 4332mm 14.8 cu.m


Rear Wheel Drive

Size Length Height Wheelbase Volume
L3H2 6225mm 2550mm 3682mm 14.9 cu.m
L3H3 6225mm 2815mm 3682mm 17 cu.m
L4H2 6875mm 2557mm 4332mm 14.9 cu.m
L4H3 6875mm 2808mm 4332mm 17 cu.m

Master Van Features & Specifications

  • Max load space: 17 cu.m
  • Max load length: 3733mm
  • Max gross payload: 1425 kg
  • Engine: 2.3-litre dCi turbodiesel 150 & 180 bhp (FWD) and 145 bhp (RWD)
  • Rearview assist camera
  • Blind spot warning
  • Side wind assist 
  • Automatic emergency braking system