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Ford Transit Connect Van Leasing

Medium size businesses are likely to make less use of bigger vans that are more expensive to lease and have higher running and maintenance costs. Finding a smaller van that can handle your load space would be the way forward. This is especially true within crowded city areas where traffic congestion is common and parking spaces are small and at a premium.

If you are on the fence as to whether the Connect is large enough for your needs, then we also offer the L2 version of this van that increases the maximum load space to 3.6 cu.m and comes with an engine that produces an extra 20PS to handle that extra weight.

Transit Connect Van Features & Specifications

  • Max load space: 3.6 cu.m
  • Max load length: 2152 mm
  • Max gross payload: 982 kg

  • Business app for connected vehicles
  • Engine: 2.0 litre Eco-Blue diesel (100 & 120 PS horsepower)
  • Pre-collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection (speeds up to 50 mph)
  • Active park assist
  • Load through storage (up to 3m)