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Ford Transit Van Leasing

If transporting large loads is your thing, then the Transit van with 15.1 cu.m of load space is the workhorse for you. Of course it’s not all about the available space, but also whether or not your vehicle can handle the added weight. Not only does the Transit have a payload of up to 2250 kg, you can also fit awkward cargo that’s over 3m long.

A powerful (yet efficient) 2.0L engine with 185 PS of power and 415 Nm of torque ensures the van has the power to pull its maximum payload with ease. But all this power isn’t limited for road use. The Transit is capable of tackling more challenging terrain thanks to its mechanical limited-slip differential that improves control by sending power to the wheels with the most transaction. This ensures a safer driving experience (especially with heavy loads) while keeping your cargo safe.

Transit Van Features & Specifications

  • Max load space: 15.1 cu.m
  • Max load length: 4256 mm
  • Max gross payload: 2250 kg
  • Can fit cargo over 3m long
  • Engine: 2.0 litre Eco-Blue diesel (185 PS horsepower & 415 Nm of torque)
  • Ecoguide system (assessing your driving behaviour)
  • Pre-collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection (radar & camera technology)
  • Intelligent all-wheel drive