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There’s no getting away from the extra costs associated with servicing and repairing your van, and on top of this we know that wear and tear can cause some confusion when it comes to the return of a leased vehicle. Whilst every leasing company will have their own small print, generally the options are similar.

If it’s a brand new van being leased, a manufacturer’s own vehicle warranty will be included as part of the purchase. For many, however, this standard cover doesn’t offer everything they’re looking for, and for peace of mind look to add a maintenance package, designed to cover a range of other potential issues.

In this guide we take a look at the key differences between a manufacturer’s warranty and an additional maintenance package, and also outline your own responsibilities for looking after your van from the start to the end of your leasing period.

What is a manufacturer’s warranty?

A manufacturer’s warranty is simply a guarantee that comes directly from the vehicle manufacturer which obligates them to fix a range of faults, mechanical breakdowns or vehicle impairments that might happen to a van during the period of time it is under the warranty. Generally a manufacturer’s warranty will last for a certain number of years, or for a certain amount of mileage. Standard is 3 years for a new vehicle, or 36,000 miles. The length and mileage limit of the manufacturer warranty depends on the actual manufacturer, but the basics of the cover will be the same.

A manufacturer warranty period starts from the vehicle registration date. This is the date your vehicle is first registered with the DVLA and not your own delivery date of the vehicle.

You can find out the registration date for your vehicle by checking on the DVLA website.

What is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty?

It’s always important to check the details, but a manufacturer’s warranty should cover any electrical or manufacturing faults during the full term of the warranty. It can vary from vehicle to vehicle, but generally this will cover:

  1. Engine
  2. Fuel and ignition systems
  3. Cooling systems
  4. Electrics
  5. Gearbox
  6. Clutch transmissions
  7. Steering
  8. Suspension

What is a maintenance package?

Like most standard manufacturer warranties, there are a list of things that won’t be covered. For vans, this is normally things such as:

  1. Tyres and wheels
  2. Brakes and clutch
  3. Paintwork
  4. Headlights
  5. Exhaust
  6. Catalytic convertor.

Designed to cover more than a standard warranty, this gets people thinking more about the benefits of taking out additional cover. For a fixed monthly fee, a maintenance package takes the worry out of getting your new van serviced and maintained and the peace of mind that you are covered for a range of features. Packages will vary by provider, but will be similar. Here we’re using our own maintenance package to illustrate what you can expect to be covered for:

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