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In today’s automotive landscape, the introduction of cutting-edge technology and features in vehicles has been nothing short of remarkable. However, amidst the excitement surrounding these advancements, one critical aspect often overlooked is operational efficiency.

In a world where the success of your business hinges on the timely arrival of your vans at their destinations, operational efficiency must begin with the driver. It revolves around ensuring their comfort, optimising their energy levels, and minimising stress throughout their journey.

Ford, a pioneering name in the automotive industry, recognises the paramount importance of the driver. While shiny new features are alluring, Ford’s commitment extends beyond mere distractions. Their focus is on delivering tangible, real-world benefits to the drivers, ensuring that every innovation in the all-new Ford Transit Custom surpasses its predecessor and rivals in delivering enhanced comfort, productivity, and overall driver satisfaction.

Ford Transit Custom, Leaders in Reducing Operational Fatigue

Let’s delve into why Ford stands as an industry leader and explore the exceptional strides they have taken with their all-new Ford Transit Custom, setting new standards for operational excellence and driver-centric design.

1. Better Lighting with Advanced LED Lights

The Ford Transit Custom offers an optional LED lighting system in the load area, providing exceptionally bright and efficient illumination. This feature significantly improves the work environment inside the van, ensuring optimal visibility for tasks.

How it helps reduce fatigue: Whether you’re working during the night or in low-light conditions, these LED lights effectively reduce eye strain, making it easier and more comfortable for you to complete your tasks with precision and efficiency. This superior lighting not only enhances safety but also minimises fatigue, allowing you to focus on your work with clarity and confidence.

2. Ford Mobile Office

The Ford Transit Custom offers a tilting steering wheel that can turn the cab into a practical, multifunctional environment. This feature allows drivers to comfortably perform office admin tasks or take breaks within the vehicle.

It provides a flexible workspace powered by a new 5G modem and ample storage for your laptop and other office supplies. This eliminates the need to find external locations for administrative work, potentially reducing fatigue and time associated with constant movement.

Features Included in the Ford Mobile Office:

  • Ford SYNC 4 with enhanced connectivity and a new 5G modem.
  • Seamless smartphone integration.
  • 13” touchscreen for easy access to information.
  • Conversational voice recognition.
  • Innovative steering wheel tilt feature for creating an angled desk when parked.
  • Smart storage area for your office supplies.

How it helps reduce fatigue: These features create a more comfortable and productive workspace within the van. The ability to use voice recognition and have a designated space for tasks like using a laptop can reduce distractions and make administrative work more manageable, potentially decreasing driver fatigue.

3. Cleverly Crafted Design

The All-New Transit Custom showcases a meticulously crafted design with a range of practical improvements. With its optimised proportions, lowered step-in height, and thoughtfully designed cabin entry, this vehicle redefines convenience for drivers.

These design innovations collectively enhance the driver’s experience, simplifying entry and exit from the vehicle and streamlining the process of loading and unloading cargo.

How it helps reduce fatigue: By minimising the physical exertion required during frequent stops and starts, this van effectively addresses the issue of fatigue.

4. Ford Delivery Assist

This feature automates common tasks needed during each delivery. Configurable functions include parking brake, engine off, window closure, hazard lights, and more.

How it helps reduce fatigue: By automating common delivery-related tasks, drivers can focus more on delivery and less on microtasks, reducing cognitive fatigue, saving time, and streamlining their workflow.

5. Pro Power Onboard

Allows plugging in electric tools, lights, laptops, or other devices while on-site. This feature is available only on the E-Transit Custom and the Hybrid Transit Custom.

How it helps reduce fatigue: This feature provides convenience for drivers who need to power tools or devices on demand, eliminating the need to look for separate power sources.

6. Powertrain Advanced Features

In the pursuit of driver comfort and fatigue reduction, Ford incorporates advanced powertrain features that cater to a range of preferences and needs. Whether you opt for the innovative Electric Drivetrain or prefer the familiar efficiency of the Diesel Drivetrain, Ford has designed these options with your well-being in mind.

Electric Drivetrain

The E-Transit Custom is an electric vehicle (EV) that offers a quieter and smoother driving experience compared to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles.

Electric vehicles have a lower center of gravity due to the placement of battery packs in the floor of the vehicle. This lower center of gravity enhances stability and handling, reducing the need for constant steering corrections.

How it helps reduce fatigue: The absence of engine noise and vibrations can create a more relaxed and comfortable driving environment, helping to reduce auditory and physical fatigue over long distances.
As for a lower centre of gravity, a more stable ride can lead to reduced physical effort and lower levels of fatigue for the driver.

Diesel Drivetrain

For those who aren’t quite ready to make the switch to electric vehicles, Ford has made significant advancements in their EcoBlue Diesel internal combustion engines, complemented by a series of smart, economical technologies for better efficiency and a smoother ride.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Low friction technologies
  • Ultra high pressure fuel injection system
  • Latest turbocharger technology

How it helps reduce fatigue: Improved fuel efficiency minimises the need for frequent stops and smart technologies create a smoother ride while reducing noise levels that can put a strain on the body.

7. Turning Made Easy

The Transit Custom has a turning circle of just 10.96 metres, which is impressive for a vehicle of its size. Just to put this into context, the average car has a turning circle of about 10.5 metres.

This makes city driving, with all its parking, picking up, and dropping off, so much easier. The reduced turning radius not only allows for quick and effortless maneuvers through narrow city streets and tight corners but also facilitates smoother parallel parking and efficient stops, significantly reducing the physical and mental strains that often accompany city driving.

Van Equivalents Best Turning Circle / m
Nissan NV20010.60
Ford Transit Custom10.96
VW Transporter11.90
Citroën Dispatch11.30
Vauxhall Vivaro12.40
Mercedes Vito12.20

How it helps reduce fatigue: Drivers will experience less strain on their arms and shoulders, reduced stress from navigating challenging urban environments, and increased overall driving efficiency. This feature enhances driver confidence and comfort, making long urban journeys or busy workdays more manageable and enjoyable.

8. Comfort and Ergonomics

Looking inside the Transit Custom cabin, we can see much harder-wearing materials. The harder-wearing material has also been applied in critical areas such as the seats. The seats themselves have been redesigned to be more comfortable as well.

Even the entry-level Base model includes eight-way adjustment for the driver’s seat in addition to reach and rake adjustment for the steering wheel. This helps drivers of all sizes find the ideal driving position.

How it helps reduce fatigue: These thoughtful improvements collectively enhance ergonomics by effectively dampening vibrations and reducing noise, resulting in a more comfortable driving experience that significantly reduces fatigue during long journeys or extended periods behind the wheel.

Why is Fatigue Focus Important?

In the fast-paced world of delivery services, every minute counts. Consider the life of an average delivery driver who is tasked with delivering 50 parcels a day. At first glance, it might seem like a manageable task to deliver 5 parcels in an hour. However, as the day progresses, the relentless cycle of starting, stopping, getting out of the van, opening and shutting doors, and climbing into the cargo area begins to take its toll.

With each passing hour, the physical and mental fatigue creeps in, causing a noticeable slowdown in completing each task. The efficiency and speed that were once at their peak gradually diminished, leading to longer hours on the road and increased wear and tear on the driver’s body.

This is precisely why innovative systems like Ford Delivery Assist play a pivotal role in addressing the hidden challenges of delivery work. By automating micro tasks and simplifying common delivery-related actions, these systems save valuable seconds at each stop. While 20 seconds savings might not seem like much on its own, when multiplied across 50 deliveries in a day, it adds up to over 16 minutes saved even before the packages reach their final destinations!