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In the dynamic world of commercial vehicles, few names command the respect and recognition of one of the best selling vans in Europe. Over the years, this workhorse has carved its place as a reliable companion for businesses, showcasing versatility, dependability, and innovation. As the wheels of time continue to turn, so too does the evolution of this iconic van.

In this comprehensive comparison, we embark on a journey to explore the differences and the transformative strides between the all-new Ford Transit Custom and its venerable predecessor. This article delves into the subtleties and innovations that mark the transition from one era to the next.

From refined design to enhanced functionality, and advanced technologies to sustainable powertrains, our analysis will shed light on the progress that has reshaped the Transit Custom to meet the evolving demands of modern commerce.

EcoBlue Advanced Diesel Engine by Ford Transit Custom

Comfort & Convenience

The Ford Transit Custom has always been a symbol of practicality. Now, as we delve into the evolution from the older version to the all-new model, one aspect that stands out is the remarkable transformation in comfort and convenience. Let us take a look at what Ford has done to make every journey smoother and more accommodating!

Ford Mobile Office

Tailored for drivers who transform their van into a mobile office hub, the tilting steering wheel feature is a game-changer that transforms into a laptop stand or a coffee table. It seamlessly morphs the cab into a versatile, multitasking space, ready for everything from handling office tasks to sneaking in a coffee break.

Adding to the brilliance, the all-new Transit Custom boasts a flexible dual front passenger seat, complete with convenient under-seat stowage. This clever hideaway is spacious enough to accommodate essentials like laptops, files, and other handy office gear, keeping your workspace organised and within arm’s reach.

* Ford says the tilting steering wheel will be optional and only available in early 2024.

Delivery Assist

Driver Assist transforms your exit from the van into a seamless sequence through the 13” touchscreen. As you switch off the engine and close the door upon exiting, many tasks can be configured to save time on each delivery, these include:

  • Hazard lights illuminating gracefully
  • Windows effortlessly rolls up if ajar
  • The van securely auto-locking
  • Applying parking brakes

Power Side Sliding Doors

The power side sliding doors offer hands-free operation, which can be a valuable feature for users, especially when their hands are occupied with carrying items or when they’re in a hurry.

Transit Custom Delivery Assist with power slide load doors

This technology enhances convenience and accessibility, making it easier to enter and exit the vehicle or load and unload cargo while helping reduce operator fatigue.

Utility & Functionality

In the realm of innovation, even the most subtle enhancements can wield transformative power. The all-new Transit Custom has masterfully woven this principle into its design, enhancing practicality in ways that resonate deeply with its users.

Beyond the gleam of the surface, the Transit Custom introduces a range of features that redefine utility and functionality. These enhancements, while modest in their appearance, carry profound implications for daily operations.

Lowered Cabin & Cargo Floor

By lowering the floor level throughout the van, the revamped architecture offers a lower step-in height. This allows for easier cabin entry and loading and unloading of equipment in the cargo area.

Lowered Roof Height

Responding to the modern landscape of urban mobility, the H1 model boasts a lowered height of sub 2m, purposefully designed to effortlessly glide into the confines of multi-story parking garages.

This thoughtful adaptation not only enhances convenience but also widens the spectrum of spaces where the Transit Custom can effortlessly navigate. From bustling city centers to busy parking structures, the H1 model ushers in a new era of accessibility, where every space becomes a possibility.

LED Cargo Space Lighting

A luminous touch awaits in the loadspace, where a vibrant LED light brightens your cargo area upon door opening. For those who navigate nocturnal or dimly lit settings, an ultra-bright LED loadspace light stands ready as an option, ensuring your workspace remains brilliantly illuminated regardless of the hour.

Latest technology in bright LED lights inside Transit Custom cargo area

Driving Experience & Safety

Amid the ever-changing landscape of roadways, safety emerges as a paramount concern. The Transit Custom champions this cause by integrating cutting-edge safety features, ushering in a new era of road confidence.

Every turn, every acceleration, every maneuver becomes an assurance of security, underpinned by advanced technologies meticulously engineered to safeguard both driver and cargo.

Let’s take a look at how the Transit Custom achieves this:

  • Forward wheels pushed forward: This improves driving dynamics, handling, and stability.
  • 360-degree camera: Imagine possessing eyes that see in all directions, effortlessly assessing every angle and detail of your surroundings. The all-new Transit Custom brings this vision to life through its 360-degree camera with a split-view display.
  • Reverse brake assist: An ingenious feature of the all-new Transit Custom. Utilizing the rear camera’s keen eye, this technology identifies stationary objects, passing vehicles, or cyclists behind the van, alerting you audibly to potential hazards. Should the situation require it, the system leaps into action, lending a hand in braking and even applying it fully to bring the van to a halt if driver response is absent. It’s a partnership between technology and vigilance that ensures a safer and more controlled reversing experience.
  • Intelligent adaptive cruise control: Introducing intelligent adaptive cruise control. The feature that merges innovation with convenience, effortlessly adhering to speed limits and maintaining your preferred speed within them. But it’s not just about speed—it’s about harmonizing with traffic. Enabled by traffic sign recognition, this adaptive cruise control is a vigilant co-pilot, effortlessly adapting to speed limits. Moreover, its stop-and-go technology ensures a seamless flow of traffic. It scans the road, adjusting your speed to keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and even halting when needed.

Powertrain Lineup & Performance

The latest iteration of the Transit Custom not only upholds the tradition of efficient van engines through its diesel engines and plug-in hybrid technology, but also introduces the E-Transit Custom to the lineup.

Let’s delve into the specifics of the three available powertrains:

All Electric Van

  • Up to 171-236 miles electric driving range
  • 100kW & 160kW power output variants
  • 125kW DC fast charging
  • Up to 2-tonne max towing
  • 11kW AC onboard charger
  • Pro-Power Onboard

Plug-in Hybrid

  • 2.5-litre petrol engine
  • 11.8kWh plug-in hybrid battery
  • 32g CO2/km
  • 35 miles electric-only driving range
  • Up to 2-tonne max towing
  • Pro-Power Onboard

EcoBlue Diesel 

  • 2.0-litre diesel engine
  • 110 PS, 136 PS & 150 PS manual transmission
  • 136 & 170 PS automatic transmission
  • All-new AWD (automatic only)
  • Mechanical limited slip differential (manual only)
  • Up to 2.8-tonnes max towing

Trim Levels

In a bold move that embraces the spirit of innovation, the Transit Custom’s new trim lineup captures the essence of modern driving. Say farewell to the past as the Leader and Active step aside, making way for an exhilarating quartet: Trend, Limited, Trail, and Sport.

Buckle up for a glimpse into a world of automotive elegance:

  • Trend: This trim typically offers a balance between basic functionality and some upgraded features. Often focuses on practicality, convenience, and comfort.
  • Limited: A more refined trim that adds more premium features compared to the Trend. This includes higher-end technology and comfort features such as infotainment systems, upgraded interior materials, and enhanced safety options.
  • Trail: Specifically tailored to tackle rougher terrains. Features such as AWD, Limited-Slip Differential, and skid plates all help with these challenging conditions.
  • Sport: Typically emphasises sporty design elements such as exterior racing stripes and decals, 17” sport alloys and other performance enhancements.

Ford Transit Custom Specifications

Max power
– Diesel170 PS185 PS
– Hybrid227 PS126 PS
– Electric100kW & 160kWn/a
Max towing
– Diesel2.8-tonnes2.8-tonnes
– Hybrid2.0-tonnesn/a
– Electric2.0-tonnesn/a
Best fuel efficiency/range
– Diesel40.9 mpg40.0 mpg
– Hybrid78.4 mpg (combined)59.1 mpg (combined)
– Electric236 milesn/a
Trim levels
– Leadern/a
– Trend
– Limited
– Trail
– Activen/a
– Sport
PowertrainEV, Hybrid & DieselHybrid & Diesel
Max load space9.0 cu.m8.3 cu.m
Max payload1,327 kg1,459 kg
Pro power onboardX
Delivery assistX
Ford mobile officeX

Final Thoughts

As we bid farewell to the old and embrace the new, the Transit Custom’s transformation is nothing short of remarkable. With power sliding doors that respond to your touch, a mobile office concept that redefines productivity, and a safety suite that boasts intelligent technologies, this van beckons us into an era where driving becomes a seamless fusion of convenience and confidence.

With a diverse range of powertrains, Ford’s commitment to sustainability without compromising on capability holds true more so now than ever before.

In this grand scheme of evolution, the All-New Transit Custom resonates as a harmonious blend of practicality and innovation, inviting us all to embrace the journey ahead with excitement and anticipation.

We highly encourage you to check out the all-new Ford Transit Custom and consider it as your business workhorse!