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You don’t need to be a farmer to drive a pickup. Today they cater for a wide number of different commercial purposes and the robust build, reliability and hard-working nature of the vehicle make them a great leasing option – farmer or not! The demand for pickup leasing is growing at an impressive level, which is why we continue to offer you incredible rates on all makes and models of these vehicles. We understand that if this is your first time considering a pickup truck, then it can be a little daunting. So we have put together four reasons why leasing one can benefit you and your business – Hint: they are multipurpose!

Drives Like A Car

Most pickups are so well engineered that despite their size, they drive like a car. In fact, some like the Nissan L200 are as fuel efficient as a car at 44.1mpg, and with the double cab 4 door option, you have more space than an average size car. As can be seen, this type of vehicle can be used for personal use as well as commercial reasons.

Alternative To A Van

The pickup is also an alternative to the van and although it does not have quite the same space capacity as a van, they do have incredible pulling power (loads up to 4 tonnes), with loading bays capable of holding a Euro pallet between the wheel arches. This is ideal for heavy confined loads that vans cannot handle.

All Terrain Vehicle

Lastly, the pickup has the advantage of doing what it is designed to do best – to go off-road. It can tackle practically any terrain, with its high ground clearance, variable drive settings, four wheel drive, off-road tyres and specially designed suspension. This is particularly useful for rough isolated destinations that the common van and car cannot get to.

Easy Of Loading & Off-Loading

One major advantage is the ease of access to your load when having an open bay area. Simply walk around your vehicle and reach over to grab what you need. Most pickups have a rear step built into the bumper making climbing onto the bay area extremely easy to do. Of course for wetter climates such as in the UK, having an opened bay area is not ideal for those loads that are wet sensitive. Fortunately most makes and models come with a bay area cover as an optional extra. For more information on our pickup lease deals use the button below to navigate: