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Still The Nation's Favourite

Why Should You Choose Ford Vans?

There’s a reason Ford van leasing is still such a popular choice amongst van drivers in the UK. Leasing a van with us gives you real flexibility. The Ford range consists of the urban friendly Fiesta, Transit Courier, Transit ConnectTransit Custom, the well known and loved Ford Transit Van, through to the rugged all terrain Ford Ranger there really is a vehicle suitable for most business needs. But, it’s more than just the Transit that’s upheld Ford as the most popular van manufacturer in the UK for so long. Over one hundred years since Ford started producing the famous model-T, the company has grown to be one of the few leading automotive manufacturers still owned by the founding family. With experience in manufacturing trucks, tractors and race cars, it’s no wonder that Ford produce some of the best commercial vehicles available in the UK market. Ford’s versatile, dependable and iconic range of all shapes and sizes of car, van and truck means there is a Ford van lease to suit every business requirement under the sun. Whether you’re after a small hatchback or van for darting through the city to your next customer, or need a vehicle for carrying heavier loads, Ford offer a vehicle for almost every application.

Performance and Technology

Ford SYNC with Applink automatic calling system in an accident

The Ford Range is equipped with powerful 2.2 litre TDCi diesel engines. These engines are manufactured with the latest technology; they come with 6-speed transmissions, produce supreme levels of torque and power and have exceptional fuel efficiency. The vehicles have unique technology such as Smart Regenerative Charging and come with optional Acceleration Control and Auto-Start-Stop. The engineering on these vans is so impeccable that you gain outstanding results, low emissions and an iconic vehicle. These diesel engines are the cleanest that have ever been produced. The latest technology in the Ford range provides high tech filters which stop 99% of all soot particles and exhaust after-treatments, resulting in a reduced emission rate of nitrogen oxides of 84%. Meeting the Euro-6 standard, you can rest assured you have the safest, most environmentally friendly and powerful engines at your fingertips. The Auto-Start-Stop technology is another reason you should choose Ford; when your car is idle, such as at a red light or stuck in traffic on the motorway, the Auto-Start-Stop technology automatically turns off the engine, not reducing the performance of the air flow or music system. Once you are ready to move, (or finally out that traffic!) you simply release the clutch, put the vehicle into first and the system restarts. This is most beneficial in the middle of cities or when going into town because it can reduce fuel consumption by 10%. In addition to this you have Smart Regenerative Charging. This means you only recharge your battery when it truly needs it and, when available, it avoids doing so when you are pressing the accelerator. This helps reduce your fuel consumption even more, saving you money. Another optional addition is the Acceleration Control. This controls your vehicles rate of acceleration according to whether it’s unladen or part-laden. This can lower your fuel consumption even further by up to 15%! This technology can also cut down the wear and tear on the engine, brakes and the tyres. Depending on your driving style all these benefits will give you the absolute top of line performance and the best fuel consumption out there. 
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Safety and Security

There is nothing more important than your safety. Ford has put this at the forefront of their ingenious engineering. Their vehicles make sure you are protected and also that your property or cargo is secure. One of the optional safety features with the Ford Range is the Ford SYNC with Applink and Emergency Assistance. This unique piece of technology could be life-saving for you. If you end up in an accident, when the air bag deploys or the fuel pump is deactivated, the vehicle can help by automatically making a direct call to the Emergency Services. In the unlikely event that you end up unconscious, this technology provides your GPS coordinates and other vital information, how clever is that? Another optional extra is the In-Lane Assistance; there is a forward facing camera which will look ahead while you are driving and can sense if you are going out of the lane accidently. It then informs you of this by showing a warning sign that you can see and also makes the steering wheel vibrate. If you have had a long drive or a hard week and are affected by tiredness, there is a sensor that can evaluate your driving and if it notices a change in your driving then lights up a warning sign advising you take a break. Another extra to help you is the Hill Start technology. When you make a hill start there is a continued pressure on the braking system for an extra couple of seconds, giving you extra time to get on the accelerator and holds you steady.

What You Actually Get

  • Ford SYNC with emergency Assistance
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Curve Control
  • Advanced Hands-Free Technology
  • Smart Regenerative Charging
  • ECOpack Option
  • Auto-Start-Stop System
  • High Load Carrying Ability
  • Powerful Engines
  • Top Fuel Efficiency

Quick Recap

A Ford van lease offers practicality, class-leading reliability and great value all in one – what more could you ask for? How about flexible finance options to go along with it? Whether you’re looking for the best personal van leasing, business van leasing or contract hire van quotes you’ve come to the right place. Even if you are a new business we can help. If you would simply like someone to talk to and discuss your options click Contact Us now. At vanleasing.com all our Ford van leasing deals are competitive and flexible, so have a browse through the list of models below to find the right Ford van for you!