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Ford Transit Connect

200 L1 Petrol 1.0 EcoBoost 100ps Leader

From £177 +VAT

Ford Transit Connect

200 L1 1.5 EcoBlue 120ps Limited

From £183 +VAT

Ford Transit Connect

200 L1 1.5 EcoBlue 100ps Leader

From £185 +VAT

Ford Transit Connect

210 L2 Petrol 1.0 EcoBoost 100ps Leader

From £185 +VAT

Ford Transit Connect

220 L1 1.5 EcoBlue 100ps Leader

From £186 +VAT

Ford Transit Connect

200 L1 1.5 EcoBlue 100ps Trend

From £186 +VAT

Why Lease The Ford Connect Van?

The Ford Connect is a compact panel van that is appreciated worldwide for its practicality and reliability. Ford Europe developed this van and actually derived it from the Ford Focus. Ford continues to have a huge impact in the motor industry with all of their van models due to their ingenious engineering and frequent technological improvements.

More Reasons To Lease The Transit Connect?

  • Speed limit restrictor
  • Rear view camera
  • Blind spot monitor
  • Fuel efficient: 56.6 mpg (NEDC)
  • Automatic wipers and headlights
  • Tilt-and-telescoping steering whee

Engine, Fuel and Emissions

photograph of Ford's EcoBoost 1l Petrol engine
Ford’s EcoBoost – Combining impressive power with efficiency

This advanced engine gives you the same performance you would expect from a normal 1.6 litre engine. However where it differs is that it gets on average 24% better fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. Not everybody is a lover of petrol vans. Ford has taken this under their wing and engineered a multitude of choices for all the diesel lovers out there. You have the option to choose between two 1.5 litre Duratorque TDCi diesel engines: one is a five-speed 100PS manual transmission with 250Nm which is also available with any of the desired Fuel Economy packages that Ford can provide. Or, go for the six-speed 120PS manual transmission with auto-start-stop as standard which delivers 270Nm of torque. If this is not enough choice for you, there is also the automatic 1.5TDCI 120PS which comes with a six speed auto transmission and executes a low of just 129g/km CO2 and a combined mpg of 56.6. These engines meet the Euro-6 standard which means you can rest assured you have the safest, most environmentally friendly and powerful engines at your fingertips. There is lots of information on fuel consumption and emissions for vans in the UKand you can learn about how the diesel engines are the cleanest to date from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders

The Ford Connect also has a system which can actually assist you to drive better and thus save more fuel! The intricate Ford Eco Mode system constantly monitors the results of your driving and what that does to your fuel consumption. It assesses your gear changes, speed, braking and the amount of long or short trips you do. The Smart Software then provides you with advice on how to improve your fuel economy.

Ford Connect’s Load Carrying Ability

Ford Transit Connect Van
Ford Transit Connect Impressive Load Carrying Ability

There is a huge variety of choices when it comes to the Ford Connect. For instance, there are three body types; the Van, the Double-Cab-in-Van and the Kombi, with various seating possibilities from two to seven people. Furthermore there are two body lengths, a short wheel base (L1) and the long wheel base (L2). In addition, there are several payload options from 625kg up to 1000kg. Quite simply, there is a Connect that is perfect for whatever you may need it for. The back of these vans are spacious and smartly laid-out as well as incredibly functional: the load space has a full-height, full-width bulkhead (with glazed options) including the choice between two or three seats in the cab. The sliding door on the side and the symmetrical rear barn doors are fitted as standard. However there are more options when it comes to the doors, you can pick a tail-gate rear door, glazed or unglazed with wash/wipe and heated de-mist options. The double-cab-in-van comes with two seats in the front and an extra row of three foldable seats behind them. These seats and the precious cargo sitting in them are safely separated from the load space by a moveable mesh bulkhead. Finally, the Transit Connect Kombi incorporates a Flexible Rear Seating system. For instance the seats in the seven seat option L2 gives you great flexibility when it comes to passenger space and load space. The second row of seats can be moved forward and down into a holding space, lying flat. Between these and the third row of seats (which also fold flat), you can easily change the holding capability, resulting in the best utilisation of the space available.

Your Own Comfort Behind The Wheel

Internal shot of Transit Connect Van
Comfort Behind The Wheel Of Ford’s Transit Connect

There are many people that find it more difficult to drive at night than during the day. Ford has, yet again, found a solution to this with lights that turn when your vehicle does. If, in the dark, you are indicating to turn at a junction or even a driveway for example, a light within the fog lights, on the chosen side of the vehicle, automatically light up the side of the road to give you increased visibility and more assurance when making the manoeuvre. To top all these benefits off, you can add Cruise Control. This comes with an Adjustable Speed Limiter Device which can make you stay at a chosen speed, improving your fuel consumption and leaving you assured that you haven’t broken any speed limits without meaning to. So sit back, relax and let your Ford Transit Connect take the stress out your journey. Not only have Ford focused on technological advancements they have also concentrated on the design, practicality and comfort for you. For instance you have a DAB radio system which comes as standard with USB and Bluetooth connectivity, plus extras include SYNC and Sat Nav. On the coldest of winter days why not indulge and put the heating on in the driver’s seat, a luxury to make the days working in the cold that bit easier. In addition to this weather fighting technology, you will never have to run out to your van again ten minutes before you are due to drive to clear a frosty window. Ford has provided the option of Quickclear. This ingenious addition is a simple touch of a button and your vehicle will defrost the windscreen in seconds. Never forget to put your headlights on at dusk again with the all new sensors that automatically turn your headlights on when detecting failing light or when there is a sudden change in visability, for example if you drive through a tunnel. To add to all the other luxuries you can opt for the option of having window wipers that automatically come on in the rain and adjust accordingly after it assesses the moisture and the rate it is falling. We want everyone to have this level of quality, so even if you are a new business — we can help.

What You Actually Get

How To Start a Transit Connect Lease?

Ford vehicles have been driven by generations in the UK. The Ford Connect models are now available all over the world and have so many options and extras you will feel spoiled for choice. Most importantly, we make them an affordable price for you. To lease a Ford Connect Van gives you the reliability of an industry leading manufacturer at a fixed low-cost monthly rate to suit you, delivered straight to your door, free of charge. If you are not sure which package you would like to go for, we have plenty of information on Contract hire