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Renault Kangoo

ML19 Energy DCI 80 Business

From £165 +VAT

Renault Kangoo

ML19 Energy DCI 95 Business

From £168 +VAT

Renault Kangoo

ML19 Energy DCI 115 Business

From £175 +VAT

Renault Kangoo

ML19 Energy DCI 95 Business+

From £176 +VAT

Renault Kangoo

ML20 Energy DCI 95 Business+

From £178 +VAT

Renault Kangoo

ML19 Energy DCI 115 Business+

From £180 +VAT

Why Lease The Renault Kangoo Van?

The Renault Kangoo has been a hit since first arriving in the UK in 1998 and earlier this year, the popular small van had a well-received facelift with further mechanical improvements. Redesigned mirrors, improved welds and better quality door panels are welcome upgrades to the new Kangoo van. All radios now come with USB and Bluetooth connections as standard and improvements to aerodynamics and soundproofing have also been made for comfort and fuel efficiency.

Other Reasons To Lease The Kangoo Van

  •  Two wheel bases to choose from
  •  Petrol, diesel, electric & hybrid engines available
  •  High seating position
  •  Large front windscreen
  •  Regenerative braking system (smart charging of battery)

Powertrain, Fuel Type & Efficient Engines

The Kangoo offers a range of engine sizes and fuel types to pick from to suit your exact needs. So whether you are going to be using your van solely in the town, or mainly for motorway driving, there will be an option for you. In fact even if you are going to be doing something in between there is still a van for you.

Renault Kangoo Engine Bay
Kangoo Petrol Engines

  •  1.6 L 8v 90hp
  •  1.6 L 16v 105hp

Kangoo Diesel Engines

Kangoo Electric Engine

  •  Electric Electri’cité

Kangoo Hybrid Engine

Cargo Volume & Load Carrying Capacity

The back of the Kangoo is spacious considering its dimensions and payloads from 500Kg to 800Kg can be managed. Renault have managed to design the Kangoo to have a load volume of 2.3 metres in the compact van which can fit a single Euro pallet. The larger Maxi versions can fit two pallets which is an impressive feat.

Internal capacity representation of Kangoo

Technology & Safety

A van is crucial to your business, and making sure it is fitted with at least the most common safety features is essential.
The Kangoo is certainly not lagging in the safety technology front and boasts a whole host of features to make sure you reach your destination safely:

  •  Rain and light sensor
  •  Hill start assist
  •  Rear parking sensors
  •  ESC with Grip xtend now as standard
  •  Automatic front passenger airbag deactivation
  •  Full airbag set